Writing a Gazal in England

Again writing a gazal in England
continuing the struggle in England
hopes, dreams, love, all broken into pieces
solving this amazing puzzle in England
tried to be extra cool in England
became a big Fool in England..
learned the real meaning of life
learned the real meaning of love
lived the life in theory
lived the life in dream
made a big scream
like a girl crying at HD screen..
Animals are better than human beings
gave the name of aliens for human beings
HA! HA! HA! in England
JA! JA! JA! in Spain
Gives a meaning that u r happy
but still you are in the same Pain
always carry an umbrella with you
you don't know when its gonna rain
Love is on the way, life is still there
if all are here then why do you wonder?
ignored the person who loved you
don't know why running here and there
somebody always misses you
somebody always wishes you
without getting the permission
somebody never kisses you
why don't u understand the love and its height
without the proper wind u can't fly a kite
u acted as if u have seen the future
but infact u r completely out of sight
stay with me and love me as i want
both of us will have our future bright....
I am always squirrel
but i never quarrel....
if u r not with me, then
i will empty the beer barrel...
I do crazy things to make you smile
I do easy things to make you smile
I have the power of words
don't have power of swords
don't use coercion 
don't make compulsion
u r always free
come out of the illusion.
I am always like a wild
but i love like a child
can't make you dance, can't play the bass
but take a chance, never end up in the ash
I can make you smile, 
i am always your subash.

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