Letting go of negative people doesn’t mean you hate them,

Adjust yourself with people you can learn from, people who want more out of life, people who help you grow. Let go of people who are so...

Forget About The Future

To every living being knowledge is thrilling, and to also possess a foreknowledge regarding any particular thing is absolutely elating. With...

Monster Under My Bed

Why would every horror movies show some monster hidden under the bed? And why always at midnight? I thought to myself just after watching on...

Monsters Under My Bed

The thuds and thumps and smacks and stomps only grew louder as the night grew younger. It turns out it’s not the first time something ...

Life is a Every minute"second" chance .

I wonder to tell you the oddish story about human life , its a second chance grab it , go through it and get it . The day we were born it wa...

Thought of Mine

               “What every man’s intelligence can create that nature have also not creat...


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Take a risk three times in life

Once my school friend told me “Dost, we have to take three times risk in our life but remember no more than three”. And, he star...


I joined the Army in High School when I was 18 years old. But before that I got accepted to the college of my choice and even did the open h...


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