A Final Plead!

I gave you all you want

And still, I remained excluded from your chant,

You cut out my own flesh piece by piece

I still healed whenever you were in need.


The greed in you is transcending the sky

Deaf ears, blind eyes, and faces with disguise,

I emptied my arsenal for your new start

Your filth of desire has destroyed my whole art.


I feel suffocation and see no place to hide

All those humilities are dead and humanity lost to awake,

Don’t leave even an ounce of me

Satisfy yourself and choose not to see.


A day will come when you’ll regret your courageous deed

For dismantling me and not hearing my shriek,

My voices are lost and tears dried long ago

I’ll be doomed soon but you still have a chance to glow.


Look, what you’ve made me today!

If you don’t awake, you shall fall to your dismay,

It’s a final plead to overcome your greed and think some

Who were you and what you’ve become?

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