I joined the Army in High School when I was 18 years old. But before that I got accepted to the college of my choice and even did the open house but then... I started to get scared. I didn't know what I wanted to be when I grow up. 😧 I didn't want to take student loans out and I didn't want to be paying for school when I didn't have focus and passion for it at the time. I'm glad I was mature enough to know I wasn't ready instead of "winging" it and dropping out. So, I looked into the Army. I figured when I was ready for college I'd be able to go for free. All I know is that at 18 years old I wanted to be independent! Have a career instead of working at my Aunts family restaurant or a couple of local jobs. I wanted to travel and get out of Baltimore. I wanted to make my father and GrandFather proud. I wanted to be a hero (yes, I thought that, as corny as it sounds). I wanted control of my life and I wanted to be a successful woman!

I've been serving in the Active Duty Army for 10 years. I didn't start attending college until my second deployment IN Iraq. I started with my good battle buddy taking one class at a time when it was convenient for me.

Sometimes I say, "it's only an Associates degree" but I worked hard for this Associates Degree!! I am proud to say that I've obtained my first degree: Associates of Arts in General Studies. Next goal is Bachelors in Transportation and Logistics Management and I am already half way there!
The greatest thing about it is: I've never paid a single dollar for my education. The Army has paid for it. 📚💰 All. of. It.
So thanks to the Army, I was able to live in Hawaii, Washington, Honduras, Colorado and now Maine. I've got my traveling in. I've earn a college education for free and I am a successful, independent, and accomplished woman.
Thanks Retired Recruiter SFC Ford for putting me in boots! It was the best decision I have ever made!! I'll be able to retire at 38 years old with 20 years of Military experience and a few college degrees!!!! = Successful. 🎓📚💪🏼

Don't ever stop working towards your dreams, because they can be achieved.

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