Take a risk three times in life

Once my school friend told me “Dost, we have to take three times risk in our life but remember no more than three”. And, he stared to share his life experience, interestingly following by my ears.
He was a good student who has scores excellent marks in +2 levels in science stream. His father wants to make him a doctor. So, his father sent him to Kathmandu for MBBS entrance preparation classes. But he cheated his father and he started to talk classes of IELTS because he wasn’t interested in that occupation. After three four month, he got a student visa in Bachelor of Business Administration subject in London. He called his father in Kathmandu and told him all real facts. His father helps him in other financial process. Father and son took last hug in Tribhuvan International airport. Son went toward inside airport where father returned to his home town by his normal eyes with unseen crying heart.
He landed in London and went to his university. His life was passing as life of student in abroad. One day, he was invited for his friend birthday party of his classmate who was citizen of London. The party was in restaurant which was so beautiful. Restaurant was designed by various light and color. He took some whiskey in that party. After some time, Dj came and started to mix different type of Hollywood music.
Although he was a good dancer, he was shy nature person. He rejects his friend request for dance at first. After sometime, deal was made that everybody in his friend group have to dance. He orders two glass of whiskey to delete his shy nature. Whiskey made his legs moving skills for dance in dance floor. Everybody present in that party was enjoying his dance skills. All other friend of him started to follow his dance steps as a fun. A white dress lady joined in that group and started to dance too. Taste of whiskey made my shy friend to dance with that lady. Before leaving that party, white dress lady asked mobile number to my friend. They started to talk, chat thought phone and messages. They started to go date in different restaurant of London. They are in love as a free love birds in the sky.
My friend finished his BBA course in London. His girlfriend want marry to him as soon as possible. So, she called my friend in that restaurant where they have met first time in birthday party. She told my friend to get in her car and she took him to royal place of London. In that day, my friend knew that she was a member of royal family of London. He took a dinner and talk with her parent in royal palace. After ten days, he deactivated all his social media accounts and he return to Nepal without informing to anyone.
Suddenly, I ask him motherfucker my friend why you do that. Don’t you love her? Don’t you want to marry her? He smiled and hugs me by saying, “My Friend Anoj, My first risk was to go abroad for higher education, my second risk was to read BBA which was against of my father and my third risk was to come in my country by leaving my past life.”
Sometime it’s better to stop the talk is good decision. So, neither had I asked him more, nor he told me further but I found pain in his eyes.
Today, he does business in Nepal. And he is a top ten business man of Nepal.
At last, just remember my friend words- “Take a risk three times in life but remember no more than three”.

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