Thought of Mine

               “What every man’s intelligence can create that nature have also not created

 My classroom is totally empty it has no four walls, tip-toped benches and desk not even an information board to write any information. My classroom is the open space of the world whereas my students are humans.

I detect my student’s every day and then I feel my some students are searching the image of money, some students are searching the food for empty stomach, some students are searching the rags of hope for being alive in hospital bed whereas some students are searching the ingredients like love, family, honesty and excellence. I know my empty classroom have many students who are sick only by thinking things that are irrelevant more and loosing focused on things that are relevant more. Do you know my classroom is so empty always? Because my students are so intelligent that they know smoking is injurious to health but they don’t perform the action that speaks “Smoking is injurious to health”. This is a simple example. Another example, I have many students who fail to see the internal beauty of their own intelligence. They care more about being addicted on pleasurable experience just like late-night parties, being stoned, desire having a bank account just like a phone number, demonstrating owns self as eminent fellow blah blah…….. Mainly these kind of students stuck and get afraid of problems easily and quickly. But some student’s intelligence work in an different dimension. They are aside from the kind of rat-race. They demonstrate same way as they are and follow the thing. Either you can float with your own principles or get sunk with your own principles.

Everything in this world works on simple formulae called understanding i.e. doing exactly in same way and also doing interpretation in same way. Most students have a problems called fear of  failure, fear of problems, fear of financial conditions as well as biggest fear of human kind i.e. what other people will say if I do this or that.

So, in my classroom I detect the eyes, heart and mental structure of my students where I find every students are lotus that can bloom through the mud. Every students are best when they rise, grind and shine. So, every students most utilize their intelligence by focusing on what matters and for proving to own self first that you are phenomenal among phenomenal in real.

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