Monster Under My Bed

Why would every horror movies show some monster hidden under the bed? And why always at midnight? I thought to myself just after watching one. But my mother had stuffed my bed with all her household utensils so I have no fear. I wonder if the monster would even fit under my bed.

It was almost 10 pm in the night. I told goodnight to my mother and went upstairs. And I will tell you one funny thing that happens after watching any horror movie: you become sensitive to your surroundings. No matter how cool you try to play you will still have that one-eyed bloody nun figure running around your mind. You will question the wind blowing, look back again to the closing door and freak out to go to pee alone. Well, I am not all that but those makeup artists did a pretty good job on monsters giving me flashback while I am in the toilet. That sure gives me goosebumps.

I shook my head and told myself "It's just film. It's just a film. It's just a film". "I know it's just film would you stop talking to yourself" I consoled myself. I turned off all my light and went to bed. But just when I was going to throw myself in bed a question stroked "Should I check my bed?" Come on! why would you check your bed? You have slept here yesterday and day before that. Nothing happened" Still" Ok but make it quick we're not making any horror movies and there is no horror music in the background" Sure I will make it in a blink of an eye."

After this conversation to myself, I stretched my neck and bent my head. To have a clear view I curved my body and look towards the end of the bed."Nothing, see," I told to myself. Then as my head turned just about rightwards, I think I saw something. I pulled my head up without wasting any second. Damn those horror movies, now I could feel goosebumps all over my hand. Gathering all the courage I thought "There isn't anything such as ghost and all. It's all in your mind" and consoled myself. "Even if there's any I am a grown-up man, and nothing can scare me." With a false motivation inside my head, I was still scared as hell, after all, those one-eyed bloody nun figure running around wouldn't leave my mind. Again I moved my head slowly below the bed griping very hard on my blanket above the bed.

I took a look very slowly, and after what I saw, send cold and shivering goosebumps through my spine. I yelled "BHOOOOT" as I pulled my head and wrapped myself inside the blanket looking like a caterpillar formed into a pupa. I think my heart fell right out of my chest for a while after what I saw down there. I could feel my heart beating out loud as it went THUMP!!! THUMP!!! THUMP!!! as I pressed my hands against my chest. Those scary shiny two eyes could make anyone pee on themselves.

I couldn't think of anything. Now I thought to myself "That one-eyed bloody nun figure running around have turned into two-eyed bloody nun figure hiding under my bed." Or maybe a different monster was under my bed? What should I do? What will the monster under my bed with me? What do I do? As these questions echoed in my head, I began to shrink myself wrapping into those blanket more and more. Nothing came up on my head as it went blank with nothing but those devilish scary black shiny eyes. So I shut my eyes very tightly and began to pray to god. I was scared as well. And as I started to pray, a very moment later, I heard some voices calling my name. The voices began to close up on me nearer and nearer.

Then I heard a loud noise "THUD" out of nowhere, which made me pull my blanket in which I was wrapped up. As I slowly pulled my blanket only to peek, I saw my Mom and Dad with very worried and restless faces. I was so happy to see them. Then they asked me about the scream earlier. I told them that there's a monster under my bed. They both looked at each other and began laughing out loud. As they were making fun of me, I swore that I saw one with very evil scary eyes just a moment ago.

They both stopped laughing and my Dad and Mom both took a look at under my bed. My Dad then bent over and told me "Is this your Monster?" as he pulled out a Teddy Bear. And then they both started laughing at my silliness again. "Damn that Teddy bear." "And Damn those horror movies too," I told to myself. And I was so shy that I was scared of my own Teddy Bear that I used to play as a kid. Now to this date, I remember this incident and laugh at myself for being such a coward and idiot at the same time. But still to this date that Teddy Bear stays with me, not as a monster under my bed rather as a sweet and idiotic memory.

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