Life is a Every minute"second" chance .

I wonder to tell you the oddish story about human life , its a second chance grab it , go through it and get it . The day we were born it was our First chance and than every second we live is a second chance .Quality of man (peoples) is one can climb the mountain without any problem of breathing and another same (man) feel exhausted reaching second upstairs of house .Look the difference , it is up to you .How you built yourself , Humans are Robert , they can be trained as harder and in impposible condition . Life is journey where you meet many people but your life struggle will only possible by you only it is hard reality but you need to accept it and understand it . Wake up ! you can achieve anything that lies in this world , If you have pure way of living heart and confident it doesn't matter How you look , how you eat , how you speak , I am sorry you are technically worng , you think everything should be perfect , Life never had a perfect time to do things though graveyard is only the perfect place to take rest and feel peace more over I don't think you deserve this in your young age . Struggle is a part of life how brutal the circumstances comes in your life that will makes you even stronger and Harder .You will be crumble down everytime in life but you have to bounce back even well set for worst condition. Absence is the astonishing part to feel the absence in life you can't give up because you are god gift creature . We are here to enjoy every moment of seconds that is lived by us. Human life is short life and shot happiness moment are shorter than short life . Make it large and lovely .Surround yourself with good people that produce positive vibes on you even when you struggle early in life it benefits a lot .Stay fouce , Stay calm and Cool and Stay peace . you never know who is watching you every second you had passed in your life have a second chance to live your life better . " Human life is not a fixed life , its like rain in rainy season " Rayan

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