Forget About The Future

To every living being knowledge is thrilling, and to also possess a foreknowledge regarding any particular thing is absolutely elating. Without a doubt, the future is what every heart do earnestly look forward to experiencing. Nothing can be compared to the excitement that comes with having the privilege of knowing what to expect in the nearest future. People dread being taken unawares, which is the reason for our having a plan to work with while venturing into business.

Humans would happily prefer to see into the future so as to have everything in place in preparedness to tackle whatever challenge that the future intends to bring. This necessity to be futuristic inturn would mean a business opportunity to the fortuneteller(s) who will be sought after by the knowledge seeker(s). But who can withstand the pressure that a futuristic knowledge can bring? Each day of our lives presents us with cares and burdens that can't be wished away.

There is always a portion at dawn for everyone. Age, level of education, marital or financial status can't provide exceptions; they may lower how much dose you get but there is something just for your level. We all face pressures; from home/family pressure, to workplace pressure, and to pressure from society, then to personal cares, etc. There is always a struggle at work within every heart that you find walking the street. The hustle and bustle of life are techniques applied by humans to obtain relife from life's endless demands. Every morning people will always be in a rush, chasing after solutions to the cries of their hearts. There is no end at sight yet. Indeed, the cares of today is just sufficient for today, and should be allowed to remain as such.

Tomorrow has its own. Seeking answers from the future won't lessen its troubles. Quit asking questions, forget about the future. Futurism should be limited to how best we can maximize today's opportunities in readiness for the unknown demands of tomorrow. Seeking to obtain details regarding the future is an attempt to exceed the limitations of the human nature. Of what benefit will it be to the individual who hasn't yet conquered today, the present, to also wish to be laboured with the foreknowledge regarding tomorrow, the future? Yes, it is prudent and visionary to plan for what is ahead but it is a different case when one desires to uncover the uncertainties that normally do characterise the future. Worrying over the future will yield no good result. And trying to predict the future won't make you a victorious warrior either.

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