Time And Relation Fades

I  Had A Sister, Who Called Me Brother

Because Of Fight Our Relationship Couldn't Get Further

I Told Her Bye,

She Told Me Die

When, I Remember Her I Start To Cry

I Still Remember She Loved Chicken Fry

In Her Life, I Was Tagged As A Demon

Her Every Word Would Take Me Near To Death Like A Venom

When, I Remember Her I See Her Face In The Ceiling

But She Never Understood A Brother's Feeling

She Was Cute, She Was Best

Who Knew Prettiest Girl Had A Devil Face

She Made My Feeling Joke, My Life A Mess

Just Like A Perfume She Faded

Dark And Black My Life That She Shaded

I Loved Her And Cared

In Order That She Left Me I Always Feared

She Was Clever Than A Alligator

I Thought To Me She Was Faither

U Hurted Me I Am Fine

After I and U We Left Each Other's Life, My Life Shined

Now Please Get The Hell Out Of My Life

I Have A Better Sister Than U

I Hope Brother's Get Few Sister's Like U

I Thought U As Fairy, But Were A Witch

Till Now, How Many Brother's Have U Switched

Till Now, How Many Brother's Have U Made

And How, Many Brother's Have U Played

   Stop This It's Not A Game

For This U Won't Get Any Fame

I Loved U But U Never Cared

You Thought Me As A Demon And Always Feared

Yes, Now Too You I Am Very Rude

Because, I Understood Ur Truth  

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Ashok Maharjan
Sep 14, 2018
I can feel your emotion, let it flow in the form of words..keep on writing..