One Last Plead

I gazed and gazed and gazed
In that plethora of day darkness,
I saw the movement of corpses
Waved my hand and marched forward,
It kept a distance I tried to catch
To my surprise, it ran like a serpent to hatch.

Was it my illusion or delusion? 
One transformed into two and two multiplied,
No derivatives of direction 
All eyes on legs colliding each other,
One took dagger and stabbed other
All herds of knights against one another went little further.

Utterance silence and black blood spilt
Euphoria of distress upon that silence,
Glory, pride, prejudices all left behind
Inside the darkest grave, howl again to shine,
You’re in filth with atrocities and chose to end
For all your unsatisfied quench, make one last plead.

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