No Smoking It Kills

A Thing Has Killed A Lot

Whether U Like It Or Not

It Is More Dangerous Than Being Shot

Just Few Strong Men Could  Have Fought


It Is Cigarette And Smoke

After Having These Because Of Ur Lungs Cancer U Start To Cough

Smoke Is Black, Smoking Is Bad

People Have It When They Are Sad


  But People Have To Be Free From Stress

It Makes U Weak Not Fresh

It Is A Dreadful Habit It Can Lead To Death

After That U Can't Blame Everything To Ur Faith


If U Have It Once U Cant Fight Back

It Keeps U Trapped In a Smoke Full Bag

U Will Smoke Until U Have Cancer And Cry

Until Ur Spirit Tells U Bye And U Die


People  Died Because Of Smoking U Have Been Told

But In Every Place Shop These Harmful Weapon Are Sold

Don't Smoke Take Care Ur Health

It Is More Important Than The Wealth


People Smoke Until Their Lung Burn

They Cry When Their Heart , Lungs Hurt

Smoking Will Have Ur Life As It Cost

So No Smoking Should Be First

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