Global warming

I always wish the morning with smiling sky 

Dreams the melody of birds 

But foggy hazy sky welcomes me 

The gloomy forenoon weeps beneath leaves 

Air feels to be heavier than hydrogen 

I get trap 

If I don't breathe , I will die 

If I do , I'm dying 


Sun shows agression with earth 

causes are we , the smoke creators 

drought is in bonus 

When we burn fossils , difficulty borns 

That rises blood every second 

Grasp the dance of wind 

shelters are lost within 

Hurricane outside and fear inside 

Melting of ice , melts heart more 

It ends snow 

That too freezes death 


Omitted leaves in so-called jungle 

Nature has lost its beauty somewhere 

sneare between there 

We could snatch grace and get flaws 

Innocent lifes are homeless

Birds are spreading agony ,

animal running around 

We torture environment 

Thickness of air

Thinness of ozone

Sky weeps too 

We are the cause 

What a painfull pain !


If we agree departure with nature 

We will create hell 

Cause we are welcoming global warming .


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