Faded Sister

U Kept Me In A Trap,

After Knowing That I Felt Like A Crap

Every Time I Remember U I Feel Like A Shit

But In My Heart Like A Sister You Will Never Fit

Now No More Brother! No More Sister! I Don't Want To See Your Face

I Had A Girlfriend ,I Kissed Her

I Loved U More Than Her As A Sister

U Played This Game A Little Smart

I Didn't Knew U Could Even Break My Heart

  For U Ur Brother Is Dead

For Me My Lover Has Fade

U Are The Only Girl Who Was So Fake

Now Please Stop This Drama For God's Sake

It's Too Much I Want To Grab Ur Neck

You'll Be Happy When, I Am Dead

My Heart Is Broken And Sick Lying In The Bed

Now, I understood Every Thing Has Now Fade

My Heart Is Far Apart, But U Still Don't Care

This Is Real Life, But It's Not Fair

Although Ur  Small Brother Is Now Ur New Lover,

I Am Disappointed By Ur Behavior But U Still Don't Bother

Damn! Girl Ur So Fake

I Am Sad A Fake Sister That I Made

Now Days Honestly When I Look At Ur Face,

My Body Start's To Ache

My Feeling U Blew It Like A Dirt

I'm Sharing My Feeling, Not Trying To Flirt

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