Escaping Darkest Days

I saw tears of blood flooding from her face

I saw sorrow of despair when old man gaze

I witnessed all these things in desperation

In deep pain and agony with minimal aspiration.


Take my soul but I can’t let you take her

What crime she commit, why is she accused for?

Watching her suffocation, I died with my every heart beat

She is frozen now, God please give her some heat.


Profane power rise from hell trying to take her down

People named themselves profound prodigies to win any crown

They performed every single rite of exorcism to cure with delight

But couldn’t take her pain out and all efforts went out of sight.


No prayers could lure, no medicine to cure

They said some demonic wants to take her soul for sure

With empty hand I begged in front of every door

She’s turning into pieces, almighty wake her up with lion’s roar.


No drop of rain in my eye but I cried every time

She was exhausted didn’t plead for her own life

She was fading in the hands of queen of dark evil

I was helpless, if I could I would assassinate that devil.


All those deities enjoyed this tragedy with great bliss

Cheered for more pain and suffering for that innocent kid

I alleged why she I will endure and make you entertain

Let her set free of torment instead pick me again and again.


No one to ponder any mercy on that poor little girl

Mother earth couldn’t bear anymore and started to twist and curl

In her rage everything bowed down to her footstep

With cuddle she ended her curse and gave her a fluky escape.

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