Chocolate Black ,Brown ,Sweet And Smooth

I Have It While Sleeping Or In My Terrace Roof

It's Tangy It Makes My Tongue Buds Puff

I Like It Both Solid Or Soft


There Are Two Chocolate Dark And Milk

But My Favorite Is Dairy Milk Silk

In My Childhood For Chocolate Hundred Time I Had Fought

I Like Chocolate In Caramel, Oreo And Fruit And Nut


It Has Smooth, Milky Taste

In Your Saddest Time It Makes Your Mood Fresh

It Is Rich In Cocoa Butter And Is Sweet

After I Eat It I Find It Hard To Quit


I Like Chocolate Cake, Chocolate  Vape Flavour

To Get It We Were Very Clever

It Makes My Heart Happy And Pleased

I Like It Solidified And Fridged

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