Breaking Labyrinth

All those whirls of tornados hide inside my soul

I chase my heathen death which is my only goal

Just want to get rid of this filthy dirt

It denied several time and asked me to get clean first.


I transcended myself to identify who is inside me

I just want to disappear where nobody could find he

Open that Pandora box for I need to know

Not a single reason to rise above grave and shine to glow.


I struggle with my illusion and dilemma dancing between my eyes

I try to catch fading pictures in the outskirts of heavenly sky

I didn’t find any treasure inside my ocean which makes me alive

My life is in purgatory and where to go I can’t decide.


I asked god to help me but I can’t find him

Thank god there is no god I uttered in dream

Is there any tranquil paradise of salvation left for me?

Or I am just the outcaste one all ravaged and confined by thee.


I am the expendable doomed with not a single desire

Desperately searching for those Tsunamis which I can hire

In its warm compassionate wave I want to travel far away

Breaking this labyrinth I wish to mix in ash turning grey.


I am all surrounded by miserable dirt with no ray of hope

Is there any sunshine left for me that I haven’t explore

All those daffodils are estranged and savage to me

In this congested thick wood I am the only isolated tree.


I am the only isolated tree…

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