Beauty of nature

The sun rises up in  another half world,
Above the hills, oceans and mountains,
Aiming its rays to the sunflowers; opening its bud
And greeting Good Morning to the half world.

The sky, The sun, The cloud, and  the rain acts as an  ingredients to create a rainbow,
The sky when covered with the clouds; kicks the drops of water on us and rains,
The Sun then challeges the clouds to clear its way,
Slowly bringing its rays and mixing it with rains forming  a seven color rainbow.

Oh! Water, you surprised us with your abilities to  save us,
And the music, you create when flowing  through very top to bottom on the peace environment,
Gives the rhythm in your music by my heartbeat,
And the birds singing beautifully on the flow of your  music with my rhythm.

The beauty of hills calls me often, whenever I look at them,
That smell of the flowers spreading near by in the cool air. 
Standing on the top of hills at night, saying hello to meteorites passing by,
Watching the reflectiom of the moon on the pond.

OH! Nature, you have given us a beautiful scene to look at,
Your birth is beautifully created,  everyone loves to be around you.
And recalling all those moments i had with you, makes me think that,
When I will reborn, I shall be one of you. 

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