You rise I will fall

There is a long distance between you and I

Probing you inside my earth I try to pry,

You are my quest and I will conquer

For all the silly reasons to fall in for.


There might be some point in this horizon

Where you and I could easily come together,

All my floods of words are ready to explode

I am just an abandoned dust deny to vanish and vapour.


Finally, a day came when I could express my feelings

Air lifted me up and you stood with pride,

I was in sheer darkness could not bear your sparkle

There was a scream inside but didn’t have a voice.


Holding my breath tight I expressed in gentle voice

I showed my desperation you named it exaggeration,

My castle of glass broke into piece

Forbidden my emotions and covered oneself with grief.


You passed the way and didn’t look behind for a single time

I stood in ecstasy of agony watching you alone,

For you was the rising of new era of dawn

I tumbled and got lost in the darkness of my own lawn.


I watch you from million miles away lying in a cradle of filth

Your shine of glory takes me out of my every guilt,

I stretch my hand left in isolation hope to die

Never been able to reach that paramount height and could not rise.


Yeah! You are a big star and I’m just a heathen dust

No matter how hard I try I mix in the air and disappear,

I am a doomed word never used in a sentence

Hitherto, I’m just a dust without any existence.


I am just a dust without any existence…..

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