How to know if your partner is the one for you?

The meaning of love for everyone tends to differ .There is no certain definition of love, it varies according to people . Whereas for some people it is the most precious feeling. Even when two people seem to be perfect  together but there always comes a question ,if this person is the perfect one, the ideal match , the portrait in our head imprinted by the romantic movies.

This question generally arises when the partners have to confront there relationship and give it a name marriage. Marriage is always taken as the serious issue because somehow it is the most important decision we take in life. The life after marriage is hugely effected by the partner we have, So everyone wants to match the characteristics of their partner with the one they always fantasized . A relation is union of two people and when there is a partnership there comes two different minds who think differently, have different expectation ,way of reacting to things.

At initial phase everything seems to be roses and butterflies because it is the phase where two people who are attracted to each other desperately try to impress each other . As the relation grows with time the real nature of people tends to reveal . And slowly when the dissatisfaction hits then the question ''Is my partner the one for me?" arises. Today i will help you to answer your own question with another question of mine. If you knew your partner will no change in thier behavior you dislike about then will you still want to marry them.

If there is a complete No in your head then you found your answer . And those who are confused need to figure out what can you do now.. At last even after knowing the fact there wont be changes in your partner behavior which u feel annoyed of and still your answer is yes. Congratulations you have your ideal match ,the one for you , The one people call soulmate.

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