Why are P2P loans a better alternative to traditional loans?

The growing popularity of peer-to-peer or P2P loans is enough to understand the benefits these loans offer. Availing funds in the past was quite tedious, but thanks to P2P lending solutions, you can now avail funding easily in no time. The difficulties associated with getting a loan from banks have become the plus points of P2P lending.

What are the benefits of P2P lending?

Here are some of the benefits of P2P lending which make it a fantastic alternative to traditional loans from the bank. The benefits are as follows:

  1. Fast and easy online application process.
  2. Lower interest rates compared to traditional financial instructions for borrowers.
  3. Loans available for almost all your needs.
  4. Fixed rates of interest.
  5. Monthly payments with no hidden charges.
  6. You do not have to provide collateral as it is an unsecured loan.
  7. No prepayment penalty even if you decide to pay off the loan before its due date.
  8. Lenders may be institutions or individuals.
  9. Investors get an option to diversify their risks across many loans.
  10. High returns for investors, as compared with banks.
  11. Easy and straightforward procedures to open an investment account through P2P lending portals.
  12. Low initial investment
  13. Investors can invest in several loans to minimize the risk.
  14. Investors get a regular payment of principal and interest as their borrowers repay the loan.
  15. You get to choose whether you want to reinvest the payments that you receive or withdraw the funds.
  16. You can choose your borrowers according to your own criteria.
  17. It is a low risk investment option for investors.

How can P2P lending give so many benefits to its customers?

Customers can avail these benefits due to the absence of an intermediary like the bank in availing loans. In a traditional banking system, customers had to submit various documents for verification.

Upon submission, it would take a lot of time for verification and consequently sanctioning if the loan. Moreover, the rate of interest is high if the loan is availed through a bank. If the borrower is in dire need of funding quickly, he/she would go for another option of lending since they wouldn’t get the funding soon and easily through a bank.

But in the case of P2P lending, borrowers get loans within two days! Unlike banks, P2P lending portals require customers to fill a small form online to be a registered customer. This process doesn’t take more than ten minutes.

The portals then ask for minimum documents for verification and provide funding as soon as an investor decides to invest in them. Borrowers are rated as per their credit ratings and other essential factors to help the investors calculate the risks involved with a particular borrower.

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