She and I

A lady in a white dress and a yellow hat,

All filled with a fragrance of the preeminent perfume,

When I hold her tight with my bare hand,

She makes me content full of amuse.


She is the best healer and companion for me,

She took me out of my black misery,

When she touches my soft lips gently,

I feel like I don’t need anybody only she in full tranquility.


From the early morning till I close my eyes,

I find you there as you’ve become my only bride.

I will never let you go till I collapse,

With the embers of fire full of passion I burn you alive.


You have always suffered and smiled in agony,

I tortured you but you gave me comfort,

You were in pain and in distort,

You endured everything and silently kept on burnt.


All my life I thought you were the perfect companion,

You took a vengeance on me for burning you alive,

Now I know I didn’t burn you instead you burnt me,

By sucking my youth putting an end to my misery.


I regret for all my courageous effort,

I made you my pride keeping you close to me,

My life is frozen now full of frost,

Even your heat and warmth can’t warm me.


Today I see myself disappearing in a thick cloud of smoke,

I lie on my earthy bed covered with white snow,

I set myself on my own pyre ready to blow,

I didn’t leave you and you didn’t let me go.

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