What is Internet Censorship? Explained.

Obviously, the evolution of internet is a sensation in today's world technology. It is not only the bank of information but also a platform to showcase the talent. Meanwhile, it is also the platform for the criminal activities. Many hackers indulge in breaking the governmental or private codes. That is why internet censorship was introduced. 

Initially, activities on internet were monitered by the internet community just to provide freedom to the users. But, later it was found unsafe and was violating few governmental regulation. Afterwards, government and other agencies are monitoring internet. 

Furthermore, this monitoring has lots of positive aspacts. First of all, the criminal activities on internet has gradually decreased. Also, it has sanguine effect on delicate copyright isssues. For instance, someone has researched on botanical plant and has petition and then allocated the research paper on internet. Here, the internet helps to secure the data and also, prevent the imitation. 

Overall, internet censorship is useful in

  1. prevent the access of copyrighted information.
  2. helps to promote particular religious and political delicacies.
  3. control or monitors the billions of internet users or viewers having varying preferences or interest.
  4. prevent people from viewing censored, inappropriate, violating and sensitive content.
  5. prevent and take action to iternet related crime or cyber crime.

There are other few aspacts where internet censorship acts and has helped to mantain peaceful environment on internet.

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