Wedding scam

Wedding is a ceremony where two people are united. Wedding varies in different ethnicity, cast, and religion. Wedding is basically an age-old ritual which has been followed by different generations over the years. Wedding is someone freedom as well as their rights. A wedding ceremony can be enjoyable for all the people attending and for Bride and groom as well. For the people to get married they organize a wedding ceremony for all their relatives, friends and to keep a memory of it. A wedding can be very much hectic for some families.

Wedding ceremony costs a lot of money to organize. In simple words, we can say it as wedding scam. The ceremonies which are conducted in wedding costs a lot of expenses. Spending a whole sum of money on a wedding is kind of senseless. The money spent can we saved for the future as well. Wedding is not about the showing off the lavish ceremony of the couple it’s just a ceremony which helps to keeps them united. Wedding scam can be dangerous. People can trick someone into getting married and pressure them emotionally making them a mobile ATM. There are many who have been scammed in the name of marriage. In Nepal, we can observe the “dowry” system in different parts of the country. Dowry system is where mainly the parents of the bride have to give the excess amount the groom just to get married. People get married against their will from peer pressure from their parents just because of money. There are many frauds who in the name of the wedding take advantage of the people. People scam the couple through various online website i.e. Being a wedding planner or buying the dress for the groom and bride. They create fake websites for these types of illegal activities and take away the money.

Wedding is just a ritual performed to unite two people together but now it has become a business. People show off their wealth through the wedding. A wedding can be very much simple and sweet it does not need to be that extravagant. People need to be aware of the scams they can face. We need to be very cautious when planning our wedding. We can search for verified wedding planners or plan our wedding to be safe from the scams. So, People need to be safe from the scams and be more cautious when planning their wedding.

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