A wedding pageant? Yes, it sounds misplaced to associate weddings with pageantry but that is what it has become today. There are some few items that features in weddings and which are part of things used in a pageantry that has then opened the door for a sense of pageantry to have a grib on our modern day weddings. The glitz and glamour of beauty and elegance has always been the high points of beauty pageants and weddings. In beauty pageants you will observe the display of fashion and good looks.

You must see yourself as being "beautiful" to aspire to become a beauty queen. Beauty queens gradually are holding sway as the idols, and definition, of beauty. The "queens" are always praised on how well they have presented themselves. Thus, it must be heartbreaking not to pass the test at the event. It may be that those who eventually don't fit into the final three winners may suffer emotional depression and may also have a sense of not being "beautiful". This same quest to standout is what has pushed us into desiring for weddings that will invariably cost us a fortune. The bride must be beautiful in her dress, afterall it is her day. But the joy of marriage, and the privilege of being married, is far beyond the colours, food on the menu, expensive costumes, music, and celebrity outlook that has become part of today's wedding preparation plans that greatly troubles our minds or hinders adult males from walking down the isle with their bride of choice.

We have permitted ourselves to be won by the trends in society where weddings aspire to make it to the front page of magazines. In a bid to fit into this group many intending couples have been made to go the extra mile in providing the funds for an elaborate "wedding pageant" that later affects the family's financial stability. No one is against having a good wedding or looking good on your wedding day but when that is done so as to make news through social media hash-tags then it isn't a wise ambition.

The pressure from the society is undeniable but never forget that he who plays the pipe dictates the tune to be produced. In preparing for a wedding you must take into consideration your budget and life after the event. Staging a wedding pageant at the expense of the wellbeing of your family will introduce you to a life in the home that will be characterised by long days of wants. You may admire beauty pageants but know that they are good for entertainment. What your marriage needs is the ".....happily ever after!" Therefore, plan your wedding according to your budget and celebrate love with your spouse!

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