True Love

It Was August And I Was Feeling Hot And I Thought Of Eating Something Cool And Refreshing. I Went To A Bakery Café Near My House And Ordered A Chilled Oreo Milkshake I Had It. When I Was About To Leave The Bakery. I Remembered That My Friends Are Coming Over Tonight At My Home. So I Thought Of Buying Dark Forest Pastry. I Asked The Sister Of The Bakery How Many Pieces Were Left And She Said That Their Were 5 Pieces Left And Happily Along With Me And My Friends We Were 5 Tonight. I Told Her To Pack It. When She Was Packing It A Girl Appeared At The Counter. I Was Stunned By Her Beauty. I Just Felt That I Was In A First Sight Love That Girl. She Had Wore A Circle Glasses Like Of A Harry Potter, She Had A Curly Hair, She Had A Dimple In Her Cheeks And It Was As Red As A Apple. I Was Just Seeing Her. When She Suddenly Said "Di Can I Have 2 Pieces Of Black Forest Pastry". But As I Had Bought All The Pastry Di Said " No Sister Not Left The Brother Bought All". I Interrupted And Said The Di To Give Her The Two Pastry And Give Me Another 2 Pineapple Pastry. Then A Girl "I Guess Her Friend" Said "Monika" Hurry Up Lets Go Fast. She Said A Min Thanked Me And Went.

I Saw Her In My Way As I Used To Walk With My Friend. I Started To Go Café In The Interval Of 2 Days. When Ever I Along With Friends Went Their To Eating Pastry.  She Along With Her Also Used To Come Their With Her. I Used To See Her And Stay Their Until She Went. Days Went And Went I Knew Her House We Used To Meet Frequently And In Course Of Time We Became Friend We Used To Go Café Together With Friends And Sit Their And Talk. It Was A Valentine Day I Purposed Her. I Thought She Used Feel Off Or Cheated But She Said Me "Yes". Slowly Our Relationship Became More And More Strong. We Used To Hang Out And Loved Became A True Love. We Could Even Die For Each Other.

One Day We Planned To Go Out At Dhuikhel For A Day And Spent Our Day Their. I Along With My 4 Friend And She Along With Her 4 Friends We Went To Dhuikhel . We Went To The Lover's Point And We Were Their And When We Were Talking With Each Other. She Asked Me A Strange Question That , Day She Asked Me "Would U Jump From Here If I Told U" . I Had Nothing To Tell Her, I Thought For A While And Went To The Edge Of The Mountain Cliff And Said Her One Word. She Cried After I Told Her That One Word. That One Word Was "PUSH". She Hugged Me And Told That She Would Never Let Me Go Or Leave Me Alone.

There Is A Saying "If God Denies U Cant Do Anything ". It Was The Same She Along With Her Parents Went To America To Live Their. I Was Broken That Day I Was Just Crying That Whole Day. But Anyhow I Controlled Myself And Moved On. Now I Am Here Tell All Of U My Story. But Don’t Know Where Is She And How Is She. "She Was My First And Last True Love".  

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