The social media and your personal security

Security is such an important theme in our lives. Security is a state of being free from danger or threat. No one takes personal security for granted. It is the reason why we do see huge amounts of money being invested into security advancements, especially using technology. The reason for erecting fences round our homes, having body scanners in public places, installing Closed Circuit Televisions(CCTV), recruiting and training security personnels, etc, is because we desire to prevent crime from taking place. They are attempts at putting crime far away. Should the earlier crime prevention tactics be defeated there will always be a restrategizing of the security architecture to upgrade on sophistication and cover up the loopholes. In security matters it is more effective to be proactive than to be reactive. One word lies at the heart of security. This word is the backbone for acheiving success with security. It is the word; INTELLIGENCE. It works for both the criminals and the crime fighters. For one to be proactive against crime intelligence gathering is of a priority. What an intelligence gathering endeavour seeks to obtain are clues and information that will thoroughly uncover the subject in the investigstion. Criminals feed on the information about their target in order that they may have a successful operation. Most times this information are carelessly made available by the target. In other instances the criminals will have to mine for the clues themselves. In our present world of information and commumication technology (ICT) information gathering is easily done. You are just a click away from what you need. Through ICT we now own individual virtual spaces where we share our day-to-day activities for public consumption. The social media is one of such virtual spaces. The social media has transformed the way we relate with one another. Communication has become more closer and faster than it was in times past. It is closer in the sense that you can have it on a non-stop level even when you are a distance apart from the other person(s). It is so cheap and affordable. It takes away the cost of travelling for a visit. But are we going about it in the right way? In a bid to remain relevant on social media many people have permitted other users to have access to information regarding them in a manner that it becomes a security risk. It is quite common to read and watch people mention on social media where they are, what they are doing, who they are with, what car they drive, their next destination for a vacation and when, their new born child, their prefered bar/restaurant, their home/office address, the school their kids attend, their next project, etc. When these, and others, are frequently uploaded to the virtual space it is easy for an unknown enemy to predict how they could successfully aim at their target. There is little or no presence of privacy on social media. What you share online gets to millions of other users. How they process and use that information is unknown to you. And the truth is, if you choose not to share your personal information online it won't become an offense. Personal security shouldn't be limited to the physical things that could scare off intruders but it must extend to those things that could aid our becoming victims of crime.

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