THE SIMPLICITY IN WISDOM Who has eaten the fruits from the wisdom tree? How does it taste? Who has been schooled and indoctrinated in the ways of wisdom? How has your experience been? To whom is the secret in wisdom revealed? What is the origin of wisdom and who is the reservoir of wisdom? Yes, the search for wisdom begins with questions, the study of wisdom is an inquest.

To him who seeks shall knowledge be found with. Wisdom is life's own hidden teacher. The school of wisdom is the home for successful living. Wisdom is open to all, but a few are finding it. The simplicity in wisdom has been corrupted by those it was meant for. The damage done to the simplicity inherent in wisdom can be illustrated by observing this event; School students can at least testify of how they were once tricked by their teachers in an examination.

Yes, the students had a difficult time learning the subject and as such believed that they needed to read wide and commit much to memory in order to scale through the subject for that term during the examination. With days, and nights, of preparation in anticipaton of a tough timeout with the examination papers they ended up being tested with questions that only demands simple answers.

But since the students had expected a tough list of questions they intentionally supply lofty answers that weren't the desire of the teacher, and this cannot win them the marks. It is so with wisdom. Wisdom has been made lofty and seen as a thing reserved for a few. And we also do believe it must be a knot to be untired before it is regarded as being wisdom; or a riddle to be solved. The truth behind wisdom is in knowing what it is capable of doing. Wisdom is the experience that must be learned prior to action. Wisdom has foresight and hindsight. Wisdom seeks to reveal what ought to be. It does well in teaching what originally is expected for every task and endeavour.

When you lean on wisdom you are seeing beyond your own understanding in order to achieve the right results. Wisdom is the sure security against regrets. It is wise when one knows what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. In humility is wisdom found. In the lowliness of heart is the mind thought the truth. Proverbially it is said that without bending low no one can successfully pick an item from the ground. Wisdom is not the puzzle that must be solved, it is merely the insight that ought to be pursued.

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