That strange noise in the late night!

It is 2:15 AM, March 23, 2019. I'm sitting here in the bed waiting for my sleep to visit me. Since my sleep has not arrived yet so, I thought of writing something to increase my writing skills. At first, I had no idea about the things I can write imagining different things. The journey of my writing started with one thought which I still can remember. The thought was, "From childhood, I have been imagining so many millions of millions of things. So, now I'm going to turn that imagination into words". Since then I have been writing novels, poems, quotes, stories, and my random thoughts.

My name is Avlok Man Shakya (AKLOVE) and I'm a writer. It is really strange writing on this late night to build my skills. To me, late nights are perfect because it is so quiet. A perfect surrounding for writers. I'm also writing a novel about the hardships in life. I know, I have much to learn about how to be a professional novelist so I'm not expecting much from my first novel. I have seen and heard many professional writers failed at first glance and, I too am willing to fail because I love writing.

Well, obviously I'm writing now because I can't sleep. INSOMNIA, it has been my best friend for a year. Sometimes it makes me really mad. But when I'm in insomnia times, I read novels, think about how the world works. But for the first time, I'm writing in this late night.

Writing is not only the thing that I love. I have different dreams which I will be revealing slowly in my upcoming writings slowly and slowly. Right now, it's so peaceful and I want to mediate. But I will not be mediating now because I'm having fun in writing these all.

I stop writing after that last sentence that I complete because I heard a strange noise from the corridor of my house. Someone was running on the corridor and my families are not crazy enough to run on the corridor this late night. It has become 15 minutes and my hands and bodies are shaking. I'm really scared of ghosts or even listening to the ghost stories. I can't tell anyone about this in my family because they are sleeping and I checked my facebook to see whether they are online or not but they were not. 

I heard another noise someone opening the door of the restroom. Shit!!! I'm really scared now. I don't have my cat "Maya" around me. If only she was with me, I could not have been scared so much.
OH MAN!! OH MAN!! my mind is not able to think, what to do?  I have to sleep now because if I don't then the next morning I will be thinking, "Is my house really haunted?". The thoughts somehow have entered in my mind but I believed my house is a peaceful house full of positive energies. 

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