Spreading Love and Smile around me is my New Year's resolution.

I believe every New Year brings new life with new opportunities and new challenges. It’s up to us to grab or let it go. I was grown up in a family where I was taught to believe whatever you do or promise on the beginning of the year, you will be doing the whole year. So, we were asked to involve ourselves in creative and productive works. We used to bath early morning, visit temples, study, water the plants, and explore new things.

A New Year's resolution is one’s promise made with the purpose to improve the way of living in coming days. Some people make a promise to change a bad habit, such as quitting smoking or alcohol.

Every year I promise to myself or others to bring positive changes in me. This year I want the change in my attitude or thoughts. So, I decided these are my new year’s resolutions.

1. As I wake up I promise to meditate at least 15 minutes. I know it’s a bit harder to me but I will try meditation in the balcony breathing fresh air. I decided to meditate with the hope to avoid the laziness and develop positive energy within me.

2. I promise to smile at every living being may it be strangers or any animals with the hope to bring changes in their lives because I believe a smile can heal your pain at least for few seconds or a minute though not forever,

3. I have celebrated my birthday with friends at a restaurant and cafe many times spending lots of money. But this year I promise to celebrate my birthday with the peoples of old age home or orphanage. Sharing love and smiles.

4. Involve myself in creative works like attending a seminar, training, and poetry contest and complete my novel rather than going movie with friends twice a month.

I am not going to quit anything things this year rather add a few good habits. Hopefully, I myself and people around me will notice these changes within me in the coming days.

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