Slaughtering of animals is hellish crime !

After the revolution of hominal kingdom we are used to of trashing the animals and we all so called sensational human creature is enjoying blood of animals from over a period .

It sounds freak out, isn't it?

What defines Human being ?

First things comes in my mind is Human have a imagination power and they can imitate excellently but reality hits different they are the most cruel creatures even so insane .

You love your family most ,you protect them, you love them when it comes to animals you eat them I literally hate you ! I am run out of my  patience you are fucking ruthless you take them as  granted look you are horrible Hesitated Habitual Human who is only hated .

Your poor and miserable excuses are mention listed below :-

1. We eat them because our religious belief prefer and get satisfied eventually , The god is happy .

2 . We grew up eating animals in our surrounding .

3. We kill them because we don't have any kind of business to earn bucks .

4 . We enjoy the taste of eating them so we eat 😈

5 . This one is even worst :- we eat them because for cultural celebration .

You had a poor culture for your kind information cultivate some civilizations .

If you eat them for these above reasons , go anywhere in this world you will be treated as ignominy.

I am sorry I have to say something you can't grow your life only with your so called religion for instance. If you are in amazon desert deserted alone with one of unknown person suddenly , and you are feeling extreme hungry despite of starvation you will definitely not eat the unknown person mark this line you won't eat ( human) out there. I don't get you why you are getting a pleasure from religion by eating animals ? Mature up with your mind set up let them live their life instead of killing them, love them ,care them even further behave as family and look the world will be full crowd of peace .

Animal cruelty is a major concern it should be stop, many of us are the reason for this and sky rocketing the postive message should scattered into the world .

Animals should be off the menu and OFF from torture chamber.

Many of us seems like we are fond of carnage this is totally brutal where is our humanity ? we are so called wise yeah ! we act like this everytime .

The prophecy I want to share with you is that the premission towards killing animal should be strictly prohibited , Let them live freely , Human and animals have a dramatic Irony to under take in life . Thus , there is major interrelationships in both of them .

We are been categorized as sensible creature in this world, let's act as wise and live your life in wisdom.

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