Sixteen Years of Load

An organization requires extraordinary manpower to reach a high level of success. And the manpower means all level or grade of work. From a sweeper to a CEO workload is equal but the value and reward are different. The sweeper has to lean to clean the floor, and CEO to make a deal. Here, the only difference is Sweeper cleans the floor, and the CEO deals in the same shiny floor. Also, the level of respect and recognition varies.

Gyanu Maharjan shared her 16 years of working experience in the same level (without upgrade) and in the same organization. Gyanu’s work begins early morning till the door of the Office closes. During these hours she has to be active and well-aware every second because her job has some sort of adventure. In fact, she doesn’t know what she will be doing on one particular day.

However, one job is certain i.e making tea or coffee for seniors (maybe not in age). In her 16 years of career, she has managed the whole organization, but all the credit goes to those who order and call themselves a boss. Not to mention, she has seen 16 batches of students whom she served as if they were her kids. This is the only way to get love, affection, and respect in any organization. Unfortunately, this is the bitter truth of each and every organization. Furthermore, every day she takes orders from the bosses and accepts the challenge, yes, it’s a challenge because it is not easy to carry a filled cylinder for 50 years old women. One might say that it’s her job and she must do it in order to survive.

True, but the point is why isn’t she getting the level of respect she deserves. As a whole, one must learn to respect and value the lower grade jobs to enhance the reputation of any organization. In fact, such jobs must be labeled with an appropriate tag so that no one could judge it's level.

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