Life has a different definition that is struggling and Bounceback. In life, we have to come across with numerous problem which are daily routines to survive.

What is a problem?

Problems are the sign you are about to create history you just need to stay focus and keep going. ( Rayan )

What is suicide?

Few seconds which are out of human control with no more restriction intentionally self - killing of own life is suicide. On the other hand, peoples have different explanation some called it they are the real obstacles which create bad emphasis and dissatisfactory impact, some called it they are the live virus which will slow down you and some called it they are the enemy which will kill you anyway. After all, they all come to this point problems are the hardest things which will ruin the human life.

These lower standard people are the hidden reasons for suicide but this controversial sentence should have an explanation to make you understand. Say No to suicide:- Suicide is not a solution I never understood of such kinda stuff why people are fond of it. Yeah, it sounds wired and doesn't make any sense too but I wanna share the saddest part of why people do suicide. How much you know Suicide happens because of these kinds of reasons.


1. If a young girl who is 14 years old the mistake happen leads to pregnant , feel you are in this stage what comes into your mind first, only 3 things remaining at this stage she will go for abortion, she will mistakenly give a birth to child and lastly she will surely kill herself (suicide) (Fear of society)

2. If an innocent girl is been raped, Being a man you fuck yourself. I call you Beast and then the story goes like this really strong & self-assured girl not lead to suicide nevertheless it is so hard to be a strong and few will manage to make the second life (They are forced )

3. Those children who are homeless and the street is their home it is so much difficult to live there as long, sometimes they also attempting for a suicide. (#LackofGovernmentemphasis)

4. When people are extreme in depression to escape the high pain Few people are unnecessary to indulge in drug and eventually it leads to suicide. (unemployment)

5. Sometimes the relationship fails to prove that what it meant to be and if not happen what they wished for how easily they lost their mind and lead the life to suicide. (Lack of affection, attention and ignorance )

6. Isolation is peace nevertheless for a longer period of time you will lose your hope, feeling inside you are being deserted alone. (Self-attempt)

7. Overwhelmed of Expectation, regret, mistake derive the worst path of self-slaughter ( Acting fool and wishing massive )

8. "Depression"*

9. "Financial crisis"*

10. "Mental illness "*

As the time passes your life is also growing older and as long as you will live, problems are always stuck and surrounded with you. Everyone who is living the life they all have a problem in life, the best way to get rid of the problem* is face them. The one who will stay longer with struggle and problems will pay off with great achievement in life and the one who gives up with life problem will always live a coward life. It is to us how we rejoice in the tragedy.






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