Humanity has crossed the limit where they deserve to be and where they stand. Day by day the social issues and crimes are increased by the double quick time each day. What if until and unless your family member your own daughter, your sister is not the victim of sex abuse we are not going to raise the voice. Human civilization and responsibility are buried underneath of graveyard.

Recently, a 13-year girl from Kanchanpur is being raped moreover after that horrible horrific rape scandal she is being killed and thrown as nothing valuable. How much cruelty is going on? This hellish crime to be the concern and the criminal should be arrested with an extreme investigation, the victimized party should be provided equal justice as soon as possible .unfortunately, the miserable message is that we are suffered and sick of so-called political parties in Nepal. This is a brutal reality everyone has to accept it in present condition. What if she is not your family, she belongs to someone sister or daughter we all are family at the end of day understand it, let's raise a voice for these kinds of insanity.

Many reported rape case is running for justice, still, unreported rape scandal are finding their way for justice: Rayan

The major point is that the majority of well-educated peoples are in the state of eternal sleep this is preposterous to write here, I am sorry your feelings are dead we are not a concern of this issues. Until the voice is not being raised these kinds of the social issue will going to take place more and more. TO WIPE OUT this huge SOCIAL issue WHAT are the things we can do:-

1. Put all female first, respect them, create an environment where they can feel easy and freedom all the time.

2. Law and code an conduct of legislation should strict to the point.

3. Each member has an equal responsibility to Raise the voice.

4. A government should create the public awareness program every week in every sector of the country.

5. The criminal should be sentenced as capital punishment.

How easily they are given bail, such ruthless activities deserve this, no way they should panic as lethal and penalize death penalty. This is not possible through your single voice, everyone from child to old age should have to raise voice.

Let's wake up the sleeping government, let us come together, Let us create a peaceful environment, Let us raise your voice for every social issue it is our duty to make a control over these insane activities .


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