Post Covid-19 era: what the world should consider

The world has never been struck in recent times as it has so experienced under the scorch of the deadly flu disease named Corona virus or Covid-19. No one saw it coming. All of a sudden the wind of a respiratory disease blew across the entire world causing deaths in staggering numbers and inflicting economic woes on businesses, governments, and individuals.

Global and personal events such as sports, wedding ceremonies, holidays, camps, conferences, etc, have been brought to a halt and rescheduled or remain uncertain on what next to do. Tourists have been left stranded or made to cancel flights. And we can't ignore the frustration it has brought upon health workers. The disease has so overwhelmed their finite nature. And some of them have paid the ultimate price. The upsurge of the Corona (Latin word) disease has made history and will remain in history with a wrong and evil memory in the minds of humans.

The Covid-19 era has turned out to be a moment for tough decisions to be made, one of such is the total restriction of human movement outside of the home. Most economies have been crippled due to protracted days of total lockdown and cessesion of economic activities. As a result, employees have been relieved of their positions in many sectors. And as nations did shutdown the effects became visible with the fall in the price of crude oil in the international market. The price fell quite low than it has been in the last 18years. Crude oil once traded at a price as low as $30 per barrel since production didn't enjoy high demand from potential buyers. Also, the well known volatile stock market wasn't spared either.

The price of stocks crumbled globally. So much have been lost in monetary value, not forgetting the humans lost too. But life must go on. Surely there will be a post Covid-19 era. The disease will be met with a solution that will roll its existence behind us. And since this is a definitive prospect how ready are we? One thing stands out when considering life after the pandemic. It will be how to restore the economy. Most poor performing economies are already facing the threat of a recession. Others are speculating a depression. But irrespective of the financial term being employed we can't rule out an extended period of economic uncertainties and hardship. While the pandemic do persist it sits as a heavy burden on poor families, including those who have lost their jobs during the pandemic, and when it is all over such families will struggle to cope. Thus any form of economic restoration should target easing the burden on such groups. Restarting or to rejig the economy should never become another burden to be carried by poor masses. Stimulating the economy should be carefully thought out so that small/medium businessess, artisans, informal workers, etc, can have some amount of cash to take home when the evening comes. Taxes, interest rates on loans should be lowered, if not removed.

Rents should be tinkered by property owners with the tenants in mind. This can be scheduled for a fixed time frame. Governments should consider lowering the cost of fees in schools while we await the economy to regain its shape. The post Covid-19 era should be a time for debt relief internationally and locally. Should there be a hike in the price of food items in the post Covid-19 era then we are sure to see more street demonstrations and possibly the toppling of regimes.

Therefore, more agro based investments and incentives are non-negotiable. Organisations, like in aviation, that have been worst hit during the crisis should be granted incentives such as bailout funds to take care of debts. More avenues for job creation should be boosted to mop up the already congested number of unemployed in society. This post-disease era will be a good time for inclusion of subsidies in areas that directly touches the people such as electricity tariff, transportation fares, essential agro products, etc. Post Covid-19 era should be a time to heal the wounds and console the hearts. It doesn't have to last for a long period. But it must be taken seriously.

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