Poetry talk for beginners

Poem seriously is about mood, they are about emotions, feelings. So, if you feel joyful, if you feel sad, there is a good point to start a poem. You might just decide to describe something around you. Just have fun with writing a poem, thinking of words. Just getting some words on the page. I think it is important to write by hand. I think when you write poems by hand, you get a connection between your body and the page and that’s important with the poems.

It is important somehow to get feelings across, another beauty of writing by hand is; if you change a word afterward, if you change a word or a sentence and move around, you can see what you have done. Simple exercise if you don’t get anything, just write down the list of words, list of feeling, emotions like love, happiness, jealousy, anger etc. write 10 or 12 of them. Take another piece of paper and write down 12 ordinary objects a girl, life, flower. And then shuffle those pieces of paper and pick one object and one emotion.

You might have love with a girl, anger with life. Just play around with words imagining different situations like love with a girl on a romantic date and see what comes up. A poem doesn’t have to rhyme and it doesn’t have to fit any particular form. It’s simple and fun. Try it once

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