Money and Happiness

The world has came to a phase where everyone is running after money which is considered the source of happiness. But what is the true meaning of happiness and what we want in our life? There are many people who are successful in terms of money but later found themselves lonely and realize running after money they forget to live their life.

 The true happiness comes from the things we love. That can be either the person we love or the things we love doing. A child is happy as he does not have any big desires or any goal. His favorite toy can give him the happiness. Desire is something that goes on increasing as much as we get it. It is a never ending urge to get something in life. Having desires and goals help to get success in life but it cannot be connected with happiness .Living at the moment, being ourselves and making someone happy is the true source of happiness in our life. Connecting the happiness with the big achievements and wealth makes a person unhappy. Happiness should be created by ourselves in every situation of life. Even if we are going through the hard phase of our life there are little things which can make us happy. We are most happy when the people we love are around us not with the amount of money we have. So in the process of making money and fulfilling the unlimited desires of our life we should not forget the true meaning of our life and the purpose of our life. Life is beautiful and making the money the ultimate destination of our life destroys the true happiness in our life. Living in today's world money is important but money is not important for being happy as long as we don’t consider it to be.

 Thus, happiness is something that we can create by ourselves. Being happy also makes the people around us happy. So we should not search for happiness but create it.

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