Let me

I know you have been in pain for too long. He used his words like dynamite to smash your heart into a million pieces. His so-called love has broken you. Please give me a chance and let me show you what my love looks like. Let my fireplace soften you from the bitter cold he had subjected you to. He had frozen you for so long, you are now numb. Let me wrap my warmth around you and convey you back to life. Let my soft whispers replace the sharp sword that is thrown into your ears. They have begun to form your mind bleed with doubt. Let my love be the spark that may weld your heart back together. I promise it will not hurt a little. Let my heart be your safe place. Let my soul be your peace. Let the beat of my heart be your very own lullaby which will comfort you as you lay your head upon my chest. Let my touch become your addiction that you simply cannot live without. Let my scent be the oxygen you breathe. Inhale so I can now flow through each vein in your body. Pour yourself into me and I am going to offer you a replacement home. Let me treat you the way you deserve. Let me love you and I am going to show you ways far better life are often.
I don't say that I haven't seen any beautiful girl like you till now, I saw many, but you are different and special. I feel we are meant to be together. I like you for not just your appearance, for your positive attitude, your dreams, your innocence and most of all the charm of your face when you smile. I may not give you everything in the world but if I could I would build you a heavenly palace on the land of pearls and beautify it with stars. This is how I feel and promise to give you all the happiness in this world as far as possible. 
"For you, I would walk a thousand miles and more,
just to read your message that I absolutely adore,
I promise to steal all your sorrow and fear,
make you smile and wipe away your tear."

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