Human being - The burden to this planet.

There are so many things, that I’m not satisfied and my soul hurts when I think about them. Like on 8th September, it was a peaceful night. I was looking twinkling stars, clouds and was imagining what it will be like to go space from the rooftop of my house. Then I heard screaming of the goat near my house. I could not see where it is but I was sure that it was tied with a rope for cutting and selling its meat. I will never forget the noise that it made. The goat knew that the time has come to say goodbye to this planet forever. The noise it made said something which I can understand. The voice inside that scream said, “I'm going to die, they are going to kill me. Please somebody save me, I don’t want to die.” I empathized with its pain and believe me it's only of the hardest thing I felt. I could not do anything even there were so many choices. And I felt bad, I felt a vibration on my heart when I empathized with its pain. I could not concentrate looking at the stars, clouds and wondering what it will be like to go to the universe. That time my soul really cried, for I could not do anything even though I have a choice to save that goat. Many thoughts came to me after that,

1.    That time I began to think, “Are human beings, always selfish, why do people have to choose the killing business to earn money? No religion masters have taught us to kill animals and eat their meats and earn money for survival. There are lots of business to earn money, why do they only have to choose the business of killing animals and selling them which has done nothing to human beings.

2.    Don’t they feel pain when they are about to cut its head? People don’t know what it means to kill someone just for earning money. I think I should put their sons and daughters or themselves in the cutting board and just see what frightened they feel. Feelings are feelings whether it is of animals or human beings. Don’t human beings feel the pains of animals when they show the suffering in their eyes?  Feelings are so powerful that they can either save the world or destroy the world. Martin Luther’s king felt the feelings of black people being disvalued. He did not feel how it felt, he felt the feelings of others and decided to take action, which ended up giving rights to black people too. They were treated like the servants by the white people. 

3.    Whoever made human beings, why don’t they made every human beings kind and compassion to every living creatures in the world? Why did they create a hunger for us to refuel our energy? Can't they make us like robots without eating nothing and just doing the work continuous. If only they had made human beings like robots, that goat could not have died and all the living creatures will not die soon. Or, It must be their master plan to decrease the population of the living creatures living here on the earth so that this planet won't die soon because of overpopulation. I really don’t know what the thing is. Sometimes I feel I don’t belong to this planet  I feel I came from another planet to heal this world and to teach something to human beings. 
         Why can’t people can be nice to other living beings. It's not hard to love animals although it takes time to gain their trust. However, once if we gain the trust of the animals then for the lifetime they will be with us. Now I know that human beings change in fact every human being knows that they change. They change the relationships, friends, and every part of their life. But animals won't change if we showed love and caring side of us. I would say animals are far better than human beings in terms of love and showing kindness and even empathizing. There are examples of human beings who have helped and change the world in their own ways. They have shown love and compassion and tried to bring peace in the world. Peace only comes when we care and love for each other even strangers. There are numbers of bad people or say criminals who destroy peace. They do that because they are not taught or have no aim in life. They have no confidence that they can do best in their life and go for criminals activities not realizing that their life will be a hell. In the world where we human beings are still stuck in the judging others in all possible way, where we pretend to care for our own benefits, animals don’t deserve us to be with us because most of the human beings are so cruel to them. And we have to stop this all things, we have to stop killing or hunting them, we have to stop being cruel to them. The only way to do is to give them more love and being really kind. The government in every country must stop selling the meat of animals by killing them and give the owners a new business to start. 

I looked up the stars again and ask them, ‘Why human beings are always thinking about themselves and not others first? Why are they so much into earning money and started  made to kill the animals  and sell their meats?” And then the sentence came to my mind “Human beings – the burden to this planet". And human beings are indeed a burden to this planet. It is because of them the environments are degrading causing global warming. We must really stop all the violence and start showing love, being kind, showing compassion and helping the living beings who are in need of help. When all peoples around the world show love and compassion and also empathize then this world will be a wonderful place to live in where humanity will be in its highest percentage around the world for the very first time.  

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