Global Warming

Global warming is the process by which temperature of earth is continuously increasing and resulting in temperature rise.  Due to increasing greenhouse effect.  The gases like carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide and methane are increasing in the atmosphere by various sources like vehicle,  industries,  combustion of fossil fuel, due to these gases he harmful rays of the sun that come inside the earth surface is unable to escape as these gases have ability to trap heat and thus increasing the temperature of the earth. This effect got its name from the greenhouse where plant are grown and thus the name.

Heating of the environment increases the temperature (by 3° to5°) not only this but the ice peaks,  glaciers are melting leading to increasing in sea water level leading to various natural calamities like flood,  tsunami. The main causes of global warming are the human being due to its rude behavior towards nature , nature is also losing its calm. Due the increasing population the pressure on land is increasing as man want space to live in want more food, shelter etc. Due to which there is continuous cutting of trees i.e. deforestation.. not only this but due to continuous grazing of land by animals ,sudden fires which is decreasing the number of trees  therefore the amount of carbon dioxide released in atmosphere is increasing as plants that in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to make their food in and in turn give out oxygen which is the key gas after survival of man on the land.

Another factor is the use of CFCs i.e. chlorofluorocarbons which is used in refrigerators and air conditioners as a coolant . it is continuously breaking a layer called ozone, which is a trioxygen  molecule it is present in the stratosphere and is responsible for protecting us from harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Recently a ozone hole has been detected over Antarctica and if we continue to be careless the day is not far away when whole ozone will be depleted.. in industries fossil fuel is used as power supply and releases carbon dioxide. Mining and rearing of cattle produces methane which captures more heat. There are some natural cause of global warming . The climate is continuously changing from the centuries. Another  causes  can be rot5ation off sun as the intensity of sunlight is changing as it is moving closer to the earth .Gases  released at the time of volcanic eruption also contributes to global warming.

Global warming is leading to problems like extinction of plant and animal species  due to deforestation the natural habitat of the animals and plant are lost. Some of the extinct species are dodo ,pink panther  ect . it is creating as polluted and warm environment for people to live in . gases like carbon dioxide , sulphur dioxide in atmosphere mix with water and fall on earth as acid rain, which is very harmful  and is responsible for destroying various monuments like the white marble of Taj Mahal is losing its color due to it .

Global warming can be controlled by using renewable sources of energy rather than depending of coal, petroleum which causes emission of such gases .one should use car pool system . we should plant more trees , they not only cleans the environment but also beautify them we should use 3R i.e. reuse, reduce, recycle and should prefer using reduced products. When not in use we should switch off the lights and other electr4onic devices like laptops. We should prefer using public transport as its very cheap and also saves fuel, we should focus on how to control deforestation. We should spread awareness about global warming . Various nations have joined hands to control global warming and their aims is to reduce greenhouses gases. We have to join hand to get rid of global warming.

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