Girls with Beauty and Brain

 Beauty and Brain both are different. It depends upon the use these traits. Both beauty and brain are equally important over each other in a way the person uses it. Beauty and brain are two aspects gifted by God equally to all but just in different proportions but beauty without brains  is of no use. If a person has a brain and thinks good, according to the situation, then the person beauty automatically show.

Beauty and brain should go hand and hand. beauty doesn't only mean the external appearance of a person it also means the beauty of the soul. The beauty of a person maybe his/her intelligence. A brain can rule the world with beauty sometimes without beauty also. thus, a brain is most important.A  person without any skill can't achieve success in their life.Beauty is God's creation which can't be made better, whereas, the brain can be developed human efforts and gaining knowledge.A brain without beauty finds it difficult to withstand the initial phase of interaction, as 'the first impression is the last impression'.It is the inner beauty that helps in the self-growth and development of the society. we call the women to be the most beautiful creation of God, and far the women have a strong say worldwide which implies that the beauty is ruling the world. Even the beauty contests like Miss World and Miss Universe are won on the basis of their intellect and not the beauty alone.Likely, beauty and brain are the two parts of the same coin. It can't be separated from each other. 

 Thus, Beauty and brain is undoubtedly a unique and nice combination in the life. Brains will last much longer than beauty. The topic girls with beauty with the brain is very vast. It can't be described only covering a specific aspect. Both are equally important in human life. And in some aspect one is more superior and other is not but in another aspect, another may be more important then one may not be. Or in some case     both can be equally important.

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Aug 26, 2017
This is good