||Do not Seek happiness understand Happiness||

I can see my people are fighting with money , I can see my friends are in deep trouble with depression , I can see they all are fighting to sleep at the night so they could wake up early , I can see they don't know about their destination , I can see they are not delighted with their job but the circumstances made them , I can see every day ends up with some negative thoughts however I can see some have ideas nevertheless they lack confident . I can see every youth is enjoying procrastination. I can see they come home with all tiredness. My people, this is the scripted story made by god, accept it and walk through it. ENJOY the small things that you encounter in your life. Please just love, care, appreciate and make memories from them. you all have right to make it yours and yours. Be happy what you have today, tomorrow may bring more than this, who knows God might have created the hidden script for you. Help each one, teach each one get fetched and learn what you have given to other, deep inside you can feel and realize the happy man smiling/laughing inside you. Look you are smiling and my reader I can see you are a genuine leader who can lead your life to the positive path. 

Happiness is something that is invisible just you need to understand it and make it happen, each bit of seconds provide equal opportunity to every people. It is up to you but I push and humbly insist you to enjoy your life it is beautiful.


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