Clearing the Misconception on Global Warming

Global warming is a major threat to earth stability in the current situation. Simply, inflation or ascent in earth's temperature is regarded as global warming. Many of us think that it's only greenhouse casing the rise in temperature because greenhouse absorbs most of the radiations on earth while reflects only a few. Consequently, raising the earth's temperature by 33 degrees Celsius. Not to mention, the gasses- Co2, methane, nitrous oxide and artificial compound chlorofluorocarbons-  are responsible to create a blanket in an atmosphere that traps the radiations. 

 Here, the greenhouse is not alone that is helping global warming. Every second's activity of human (other than greenhouse) is responsible. The gases responsible to entangle the radiation are produced from human activities such as deforestation, industrial emissions, waste and wastewater emission, transport and agricultural emission. 

Obviously, gasses emitted from vehicles include nitrous oxide, Carbon dioxide and other toxic gases that conclusively contribute to global warming. On the other hand, these emission has other consequences like acid rain. Similarly, industrial emission engenders a similar kind of gases with similar consequences. While burning of fossils and the timer produces carbon compounds like methane that contributes to global warming. Similarly waste and water waste are responsible for producing methane and other toxic and non-toxic material that inherently contributes to soil pollution as well. 

Overall, there is not only greenhouse causing or responsible for global warming. It's our day to day activities that are contributing or leading to global warming. Currently, we are facing the increasing rate of temperature on our planet and is not out of control. But, continuity to such actions may be ruining to our planet as well as us living in this planet. Maybe, it will be severe for our further generation as well. So, greenhouse musn't be culpable alone but our daily activities too are contributing to global warming. 



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