Blood Donation

           Had you ever feel proud moment in life? Of what, wining the lotter, securing first position in competition or any reason. Think of blood donation because you are the reason behind someone`s life. Only a 20mintues of yours of time and 250cc of your blood can make the difference between life and death. We are not the doctor but we can safe other life. Actually, blood is life. No matter whether rich or poor any healthy person can donate the blood and we believe blood donation as `act of goodness`.

 Blood donation is most significance contribution we make toward our community. It is a safe process and sterile needle is used only for each donor and then discarded. The blood bank store, this is blood is sterilized bottle which are to be supplied in time of need. After the blood donation the people can regenerated the blood again within a few days. Basically, what is needed is the blood group should be match between the patient and donor. There are 4 types of blood as A, AB, B and O. `O` group of blood is universally donor blood. But sometime it is rarely get in some body people. `AB` is universally accepted blood.

A reason behind the need of blood donation include- patient undergoing treatment for injuries suffered during the accident, babies with anemia, patient of kidney who need fresh blood, pregnant women in critical situation.In the earlier time period people view blood donation can weak their body strength and hamper natural immunity. That the misconception. Blood can be donated by a man in every 3 month and 4 months by female (due to iron level).  There are many advantages after we donate blood. The life of people is safe, the whole body become refresh, and health condition of body can be diagnosis. But blood cannot be donated by the person who is less than 18 years and above 60, who has the weight less than 47, who get infectious disease such as jaundice and the person who got the tattoos. After the 4 month of duration the tattoos person can donate.

 In every blood bank they keep the blood for the instant user, because blood cannot be stored for long time. So, they need to use the blood on steady and constant collection. Before blood donation, blood donation camp checks the blood. The blood is checked whether it is infected or not. If blood is infected it cannot be donated. The component of blood such as iron, hemoglobin and cholesterol are check. Hence proper diagnosis is done before blood donation.

 Since most of blood donor are unpaid volunteer, after the blood donation they are provided with some orange juices, Cookies and certification of appreciation. Public awareness is make to donate the blood. many club, colleges, society, office and various organization organized blood donation camp in various occasion and give to blood bank. The practice of blood donation is wide spread worldwide and 14th of June is celebrated as `world donor day`.

  Hence blood donation is actually a social service. Either as a human duty or for life time experience, if we are capable then we can donate the blood.  Care should be given during checkup, during blood withdrawn and during transfusion process. Just a pain of needle and someone can get his/her life and call our self a Heroes because heroes come in all types and size.






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