Bio-Degradable Cigarette: Helping Nature in Two Ways.

Obviously,  smoking cigarette is injurious to health. It affects our respiratory, circulatory and cardiovascular system. Well, it is not only injurious to health but also to the environment. That's fine because it is a matter of concern for everybody and many NGO and INGO's are working on such issues. But what about the cigarette Butt or filter.

A smoker smokes and throws the butt somewhere in the roadside or in a garden. But nobody knows the consequences of it. On average a single butt requires 15-20 years to degrade that seriously harms the faunal system of the environment. So, what can be the alternative, well, there is one: Biodegradable cigarette.

Manufacturers can input the flower or other plants seed inside the butt of the cigarette. So that, after throwing such filthy material it might generate a salvation: plants. Doing so, there will two positive impacts on nature. First, reduces the human population and second inflates the greenery degree.

So, why shouldn't we develop such technology that can be a savior for nature? or Stop Smoking.


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