4 basic attributes that proves you are human

Characteristics is the word that best gives details and fore-knowledge as to what an item is composed of. Features are used while offering a description of what is yet unknown in order to aid it being identified easily. And we humans are no exceptions to characteristics. Humans are blessed with unique features that distinguishes them from other created beings. Beyond sharing the dispostion of breathe, locomotion, instinct, sight, sound, hunger, thirst and taste, reproduction, etc, with other animals, humans are better equipped to fulfil life on earth. The grace of being rational, having the mind to think and comprehend, is unique to humans. And how humans ought to relate with each other is quite different from what holds true for animals. There will be no better way to prove the claim that you are a human being than to do that within the human community. No true person will want to abide alone. Living in isolation is against good health tips. People who have come under the downside of depression have majorly been people who lack a good community of persons to live with where love and affection abides. A community-life is what humans were created for. And every human is expected to tilt towards living in a group to prove they are truly human. Human characterisrics are mainly displayed within the social sphere. It can't be done in isolation. Therefore, the 4 basic attributes that proves the humanity in us may include, but not limited to, the following; 1. Love: no true human is built to be heartless and without compassion. Love is the beauty on the face of every human. Without the heart that accepts others it proves that a beast may be the being walking on 2 legs. Love is a debt we owe each other. It is a way of making yourself available for others because every human will be in need of it one way or another. Love is at the heart of being human. 2. Forgiving: we can't take out offense in our communities. There will always be times and instances of having a fellow human hurt you or you hurt them. Therefore, should we be overcomed by offense will imply that there will hardly be peace within our homes, schools, offices, religious communities, in the court rooms, etc. A true human will always see the need to forgive others who do offend them because they too will someday wish to be forgiven. 3. Growth and development: remaining static is contrary to being human. As awareness grows in the mind so too should the manner of living, acting and behaving grow. But sadly, most people who maintain their claims of being human have refused to positively advance in their ways. Education is crucial only to human beings and the awareness that education brings shouldbe clearly seen in our individual lives. 4. Faith: since you are human it is imperative that you believe in something or someone. We are all made fit to accommodate faith. Ideas, theories, principles, rituals, etc, sets our minds firm on things that in turn produces devotion in us. There is no neutral ground to stand on regarding faith/belief. You must believe to be truly human.

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