गल्ती मन पराई दिनु

भख्खरकी छिन भगाई ल्याए,गल्ती मन पराई दिनु!  प्रदेश ज...

Monsters Under My Bed

The thuds and thumps and smacks and stomps only grew louder as the night grew younger. It turns out it’s not the first time something ...

Life is a Every minute"second" chance .

I wonder to tell you the oddish story about human life , its a second chance grab it , go through it and get it . The day we were born it wa...

Music: In terms of Business and Art

     An aspiring musician will always have one particular question in their mind,  "How to make money fro...

Thought of Mine

               “What every man’s intelligence can create that nature have also not creat...

Startup In Nepal-'Challenges and Opportunities'

The word Startup and Entrepreneurship has become quite familiar among us(specially youths) today. The list of startups are increasing daily ...


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