Life is a Every minute"second" chance .

Category Type: Motivation,   Jun 10, 2018   Nathan Rayan

I wonder to tell you the oddish story about human life , its a second chance grab it , go through it and get it . The day we were born it was our First chance and than every second we live is a second chance .Quality of man (peoples) is one can climb the mountain without any problem of breathing and another same (man) feel exhausted reaching second upstairs of house .Look the difference , it is up

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Music: In terms of Business and Art

Category Type: Education, , Motivation, Article,   May 18, 2018   Rizol Pokhrel

     An aspiring musician will always have one particular question in their mind,  "How to make money from Music?"  and it bugs them every now and then. It comes to a point where an artist drifts away from their artistic approach in order to gain mainstream recognition and head towards commercialization. Sad but true, mainstream music is mostly foc

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Thought of Mine

Category Type: Motivation, Diary, Dream, ,   Apr 10, 2018   Bhawishya thapa

               “What every man’s intelligence can create that nature have also not created”  My classroom is totally empty it has no four walls, tip-toped benches and desk not even an information board to write any information. My classroom is the open space of the world whereas my students are humans. I detect my student’s

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Startup In Nepal-'Challenges and Opportunities'

Category Type: Uncategorized, Business, Motivation,   Apr 09, 2018   Deena Tamang

The word Startup and Entrepreneurship has become quite familiar among us(specially youths) today. The list of startups are increasing daily in the market of Nepal aswel. And it is a great sign of the nation development. But still, the ideas and startups are not being able to achieve a mark  as expected. Nepal has a raw market place so if utilized properly the turnover is limitless. But the ch

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