आयो आयो नया बर्ष

Category Type: Poem,   Mar 23, 2018   kristina Rijal

आयो आयो नया बर्ष खुशी ले भयो यो मन हर्ष आऊ साथी हामी मिली नाचौ खुशी ले हामी सबै रमाएर  गीत गाऊ   बशन्तको पहिलो सुभ महिना अषार श्रावणमा पनि नपर्ने

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खोई किन भयो?

Category Type: Poem,   Mar 22, 2018   Gopal khadka

जिन्दगीको लडाईंमा फेरि मेरो हार भयो? वेदनाको झन्कार गाउने सारंगीको तार भयो/ गीत र प्रीतको दोभानमा छालैछालको संगम छ/ मुटु मस्तिष्कको घाउ मेट्ने खोई &nda

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मेरो लास देखेर

Category Type: Poem, Diary,   Mar 09, 2018   Anoj Kadariya

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Writing a Gazal in England

Category Type: Poem,   Feb 21, 2018   Subash Khatiwada

Again writing a gazal in England continuing the struggle in England hopes, dreams, love, all broken into pieces solving this amazing puzzle in England tried to be extra cool in England became a big Fool in England.. learned the real meaning of life learned the real meaning of love lived the life in theory lived the life in dream made a big scream like a girl crying at HD screen.. Anima

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देश खाने धमीरा

Category Type: Poem, Muktak,   Jan 22, 2018   Ganga Sagar Pant

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Wake up dead

Category Type: Poem,   Jul 02, 2017   Binaya Thapa

The air blackened by violence Our nation suffers in Silence Sinking into Poverty and inflation Yet no signs of salvation  Wake up Dead Wake up  Grab a Pen Instead of  brushes for makeup write a peaceful song  sung by the whole nation all along.    

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