फकाउदा मान्नु पर्छ

Category Type: Poem,   Jan 23, 2019   Nirjal Dawadi

गलतिबाट अछुतो तिमि पनि छैनौ, म पनि छैन मान्छे हौ, भगवान तिमि पनि हैन, म पनि हैन तिमि मलाई म तिमीलाई आरोप लगाउदै गए तर आफ्नो गलती न तिमीले देखेउ, न मैले देखे

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Category Type: Poem,   Dec 29, 2018   Unique B

तिम्रो आँखा को वर्णन गर्दा तिमि लजाउथ्यौ तर तिम्रा आखा हरु बोल्थे बोल्थे तिमीले वर्णन गर्दा मलाई आनन्द लाग्छ अजै केहि भनन त्यसैले म गर्थे अनन्त व

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म गुमराहमा परेको कवि

Category Type: Poem,   Dec 27, 2018   Bhuwan Raj Pandey

मैले लेखेका कविता अक्षरविहीन भएर मेरो मनमस्तिष्कमा कुँदिएका छन् म आम मान्छे म नेताको श्रोता स्वमनको वक्ता मैले आश्वासनमा कति कविता बुनेँ केरमेट गर

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Category Type: Poem,   Nov 24, 2018   Nathan Rayan

साम -- सामका मतलब जान्ते हो ? एक उमीद जहाँ आँप जीना चाहाते , कुच कर्ना चाहाते । [जब सुरज ढल्नेकी कगारपे होता हेना तब चीडीया एक लम्बा ~फासला पूरा कर्लेती हे] &

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Category Type: Poem,   Oct 23, 2018   Unique B

अनायासै बर्शने बादल हरु लाइ देख्दा लाग्छ आशाहरु पनि त्यसरी नै  एकदिन पुरा हुनेछन उराठ अनि पट्ट्यार लाग्दो शिशिर झैँ दिन हरु पनि कुनै दिन अपत्यार

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Category Type: Poem,   Oct 23, 2018   Suyog Devkota

They Are Fluffy ,Sweet And Soft They Are Bold And Tough They Come To Walk With Us Morning  Or Night If Better If U Don’t Take With Them A Fight                                       &nbsp

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Category Type: Poem, Uncategorized,   Oct 11, 2018   Suyog Devkota

Chocolate Black ,Brown ,Sweet And Smooth I Have It While Sleeping Or In My Terrace Roof It's Tangy It Makes My Tongue Buds Puff I Like It Both Solid Or Soft   There Are Two Chocolate Dark And Milk But My Favorite Is Dairy Milk Silk In My Childhood For Chocolate Hundred Time I Had Fought I Like Chocolate In Caramel, Oreo And Fruit And Nut   It Has Smooth,

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ऊ फूल हो एकदिन झरेर जान्छ

Category Type: Poem,   Oct 07, 2018   Aasutosh Bhardwaj

ऊ  फूल  हो एकदिन  झरेर जान्छ झर्नु  अगाडी  सुवास  छरेर जान्छ   निचोरेर     उमंग     बहार   पोखेर धराको  पर्दामा  रंग  हजार&nbsp

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"लग्ता हे "

Category Type: Poem,   Sep 23, 2018   Nathan Rayan

बुरा तब लग्ता हे जब अपनोमे खामीया होजाती हे दर्द तब लग्ता हे जब रीस्ता पराया होजाता हे । कहेते जो आज तुमारा हे , कल कीशी औरका होजाएगा फीरभी कीउ लोग हरपल

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कथा मेरो अली भिन्न

Category Type: Poem,   Sep 19, 2018   Ganesh Ghatal

हो मेरो मुटुमा एउटा सानो खत छ छिनमै हास्ने छिनमै रुने अचम्मको लत छ न त सिता न त जन्मे पाण्डवहरु जस्तै कहाँ छन खै आमाबुवा केही त् गलत छ प्रत्येक बर्ष कुर

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Finding myself

Category Type: Poem, Uncategorized,   Sep 19, 2018   Ashok Maharjan

I got lost I’m on a quest to find myself, I wandered every nook and corner I peeked inside you to search me, In despair I couldn’t find myself there Again I flew away like a cloud Hurricanes paved my way for free, But I forgot to dig my own earth Which was just beneath me.

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पिएको हुनुपर्छ

Category Type: Relationship, love, Poem,   Sep 18, 2018   Ganesh Ghatal

उस्लाई नि मेरो झै चोट दिएको हुनुपर्छ त्येइ भएर म झै उस्ले पिएको हुनुपर्छ उस्को खुशीमा नि दया लागेको छ मलाई पक्कै धुजाधुजा मुटु सिएको हुनुपर्छ केटाको

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Category Type: Poem,   Sep 17, 2018   Nathan Rayan

"दर्द तो वो होता जो आप किसीको बता नापाए " "दर्द तो वो होता हे जब आप( मा )कि आखोमे अाँसु देख्ते हो " "दर्द तो वो होता हे जब (बाप ) सुभा से साम तक आपके लिए म

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One Last Plead

Category Type: Poem,   Sep 17, 2018   Ashok Maharjan

I gazed and gazed and gazed In that plethora of day darkness, I saw the movement of corpses Waved my hand and marched forward, It kept a distance I tried to catch To my surprise, it ran like a serpent to hatch. Was it my illusion or delusion?  One transformed into two and two multiplied, No derivatives of direction  All eyes on legs colliding each other, One took dagger

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Category Type: Gajal, Relationship, love, Poem,   Sep 15, 2018   Ganesh Ghatal

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No Smoking It Kills

Category Type: Poem, Say No To Smoking,   Sep 01, 2018   Suyog Devkota

A Thing Has Killed A Lot Whether U Like It Or Not It Is More Dangerous Than Being Shot Just Few Strong Men Could  Have Fought   It Is Cigarette And Smoke After Having These Because Of Ur Lungs Cancer U Start To Cough Smoke Is Black, Smoking Is Bad People Have It When They Are Sad     But People Have To Be Free From Stress It Makes U Weak No

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Time And Relation Fades

Category Type: Poem,   Aug 30, 2018   Suyog Devkota

I  Had A Sister, Who Called Me Brother Because Of Fight Our Relationship Couldn't Get Further I Told Her Bye, She Told Me Die When, I Remember Her I Start To Cry I Still Remember She Loved Chicken Fry In Her Life, I Was Tagged As A Demon Her Every Word Would Take Me Near To Death Like A Venom When, I Remember Her I See Her Face In The Ceiling But She Never Under

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Devil Brother

Category Type: Poem,   Aug 29, 2018   Suyog Devkota

Thought As A Brother To A Demon, Share My Things With Very Rude Person. No Privacy He Kept About Me, He Was Never So Kind. Brothers Are Superhero To His Sister, Never Behaved Like My Own Brother. All Brothers Protects His Sister, But He Was Destroyer Of My Life. He Destroyed My Feeling My Happiness,  But I Tried To Deal With My Sweetness. I Hope No One Has A Brot

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Category Type: Poem,   Aug 28, 2018   Eshani Acharya

Lifting up my heart Smiling on my own watching my speacial dad humming on his own. I may not be best for him or be the worst for him because i just want to be his little daughter forever and ever even if its just in a dream. Falling is not problem as my father will be there  so i do not care anymore about all my fear. May the god have mercy upon my soul

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Faded Sister

Category Type: Poem,   Aug 27, 2018   Suyog Devkota

U Kept Me In A Trap, After Knowing That I Felt Like A Crap Every Time I Remember U I Feel Like A Shit But In My Heart Like A Sister You Will Never Fit Now No More Brother! No More Sister! I Don't Want To See Your Face I Had A Girlfriend ,I Kissed Her I Loved U More Than Her As A Sister U Played This Game A Little Smart I Didn't Knew U Could Even Break My Heart &n

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Escaping Darkest Days

Category Type: Poem,   Aug 18, 2018   Ashok Maharjan

I saw tears of blood flooding from her face I saw sorrow of despair when old man gaze I witnessed all these things in desperation In deep pain and agony with minimal aspiration.   Take my soul but I can’t let you take her What crime she commit, why is she accused for? Watching her suffocation, I died with my every heart beat She is frozen now, God please give her

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"मलाई पोल्छ"

Category Type: Poem,   Aug 04, 2018   Manda Paudel

आगो लाग्दा यो देशमा देशलाई होइन मलाई पोल्छ, मेरा प्रत्येक धड्कन भरि हरपल,हरदम नेपाल बोल्छ। छातीभरी मात्तृत्व छ तनैभरि नेपालीपन, झूकाउनु छैन कहिल्

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Breaking Labyrinth

Category Type: Poem,   Aug 01, 2018   Ashok Maharjan

All those whirls of tornados hide inside my soul I chase my heathen death which is my only goal Just want to get rid of this filthy dirt It denied several time and asked me to get clean first.   I transcended myself to identify who is inside me I just want to disappear where nobody could find he Open that Pandora box for I need to know Not a single reason to rise above

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Category Type: Poem,   Jul 28, 2018   Ganesh Ghatal

               सपनाहरु टुट्छन यहाँ  नाता हजार छुट्छन् यहाँ  जिन्दगीकै टुंगो हुन्न  सिसा झैँ कोइ फुट्छन् यहाँ                      &

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Child Labor

Category Type: Poem,   Jul 03, 2018   Sisya Chitrakar

When I see my friends with uniforms on, I feel like my beautiful life is gone. Starting from morning to night, I've a schedule busy and tight. I escaped my village lying, Only to work like a robot and dying. Yet nobody here understands my pain, Only I know I've nothing to gain. Children my age make fun of me, I've to work only to complete my SEE. I realize I'm a poor

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नेपाली बनको पुकार

Category Type: Poem,   Jul 01, 2018   Mounata Aryal

नेपालको प्रकृतिलाई रंगाउने हामी,हाम्रो अस्तित्व जोगाइदेउ  ५५% बाट ३५% त बनायौ, कृपया अब त नाघटॉईदेउ || हए मानव,तीमरो हरेक अावसयकतामा म छु , न त तिमि

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You and cigarette

Category Type: Poem,   Jun 28, 2018   Smriti Ranabhat

How can you think of your life with the throw of smoke in air ?  Look at your dad's wrinkles , bundle of dreams are hidden  Peer at your mother's eyes , dozens of wishes are tangling  Focus on your lover's expression , will of togetherness is roaming    Feel yourself , fire burns through lungs  you are smelling cancer  Your body i

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Global warming

Category Type: Poem,   Jun 27, 2018   Smriti Ranabhat

I always wish the morning with smiling sky  Dreams the melody of birds  But foggy hazy sky welcomes me  The gloomy forenoon weeps beneath leaves  Air feels to be heavier than hydrogen  I get trap  If I don't breathe , I will die  If I do , I'm dying    Sun shows agression with earth  causes are we , the smoke c

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"प्रश्न देश चलाउनेलाई"

Category Type: Poem,   Jun 24, 2018   Manda Paudel

भन्नत भनिन्छ मेरो देशलाई, थरि-थरि फूलका एउटै साझा फूलबारी, आज मेरो देश चर्को खडेरिमा जलिरहेको छ, तर खै कहाँ छ शितल दिने छहारी?? नेपालीको शान अनि विश्वको श

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हामी धुलो

Category Type: Poem,   Jun 12, 2018   saroj katuwal

सपनाको बिस्फोटपछी टुक्राटुक्रा, कणकण भएर यो धरातलमा लम्पसार परेदेखि म धुलो भएको छु । बाँच्नुको अर्थ खोज्न, लम्पसार पर्नुको तर्क खोज्न, उठ्न प्रे

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Category Type: Poem,   Jun 12, 2018   Sanket Basnet

सानैमा टुहुरो भएको म भोको पेट ले भौतारिदै भौतारिदै गाऊ छाडेर आएको बर्षौ पछी मात्रै मैले काम पाए माटो बोक्ने, ईटा बोक्ने, ईटा बनाउने दिन भरी धुल

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डिप्रेसनमा देश

Category Type: , Poem,   Jun 11, 2018   saroj katuwal

एक मुठी आशा  एक अञ्जुली कुन्ठा बाेकेर  हरेक बिहान मेराे देश  अाफूलाई ऐनामा हेर्छ ।  देख्छ  शालिन, शाैम्य र सुकाेमल उस्तै रूप  र उस्तै भक्कानिन

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कलम ले हत्या गर्ने हुनेछु

Category Type: Poem,   Jun 06, 2018   Amar Bhattarai

हातहतियार उठाएर होइन  म कलम ले हत्या गर्ने हुनेछु टायर बालेर होइन म लेखेर शान्ति ल्याउने छु   चम्चे नेता भएर होइन म  जनता भएर सेवा दिने छु बिम

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आयो आयो नया बर्ष

Category Type: Poem,   Mar 23, 2018   kristina Rijal

आयो आयो नया बर्ष खुशी ले भयो यो मन हर्ष आऊ साथी हामी मिली नाचौ खुशी ले हामी सबै रमाएर  गीत गाऊ   बशन्तको पहिलो सुभ महिना अषार श्रावणमा पनि नपर्ने

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खोई किन भयो?

Category Type: Poem,   Mar 22, 2018   Gopal khadka

जिन्दगीको लडाईंमा फेरि मेरो हार भयो? वेदनाको झन्कार गाउने सारंगीको तार भयो/ गीत र प्रीतको दोभानमा छालैछालको संगम छ/ मुटु मस्तिष्कको घाउ मेट्ने खोई &nda

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मेरो लास देखेर

Category Type: Diary, Poem,   Mar 09, 2018   Anoj Kadariya

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Writing a Gazal in England

Category Type: Poem,   Feb 21, 2018   Subash Khatiwada

Again writing a gazal in England continuing the struggle in England hopes, dreams, love, all broken into pieces solving this amazing puzzle in England tried to be extra cool in England became a big Fool in England.. learned the real meaning of life learned the real meaning of love lived the life in theory lived the life in dream made a big scream like a girl crying at HD screen.. Anima

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देश खाने धमीरा

Category Type: Poem, Muktak,   Jan 22, 2018   Ganga Sagar Pant

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Wake up dead

Category Type: Poem,   Jul 02, 2017   Binaya Thapa

The air blackened by violence Our nation suffers in Silence Sinking into Poverty and inflation Yet no signs of salvation  Wake up Dead Wake up  Grab a Pen Instead of  brushes for makeup write a peaceful song  sung by the whole nation all along.    

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