शिक्षा प्रवाहको वैकल्पिक बाटो - “किफायती लगानी, प्रभावकारी शिक्षा”

Category Type: Education, thought, Dream, Article, Student, Politics,   Apr 17, 2018   Gopal khadka

शिक्षा परिवर्तनको वाहक हो । शैक्षिक विधि र पद्दति, समय सन्दर्भ र समाज परिवर्तन अनुसार गतिशील बनाउनु आजको मूल मुद्दा हो। पुरातन सोच र शैलीको विकल्प म

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Women empowerment

Category Type: Women empowerment, Article,   Jan 29, 2018   Ambika Dhungana

Nepal is a small, beautiful and patriarchal country. For years, Nepal has been dominated by male in all major roles in the society. On the other hand, women have been treated as a factory of producingchildren and limited them only into household chore. Actually, they have very low freedom in the society and education status. In Nepal,female have no access to education because of conservative socia

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Spa and It's beauty in Nepal

Category Type: Article, Health,   Dec 17, 2017   Ultrabyte International

Spa is an actual location for the people who are in need of medicinal bath by experts is with mineral rich spring water and seawater. Mostly spa offers with various health treatments which are also known as balneotherapy. It is also believe of curative powers of mineral water which goes back to prehistoric times. These practices is popular all around the world. Day spa are also popular which offer

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