Category Type: Article,   Sep 01, 2018   Nathan Rayan

Life has a different definition that is struggling and Bounceback. In life, we have to come across with numerous problem which are daily routines to survive. What is a problem? Problems are the sign you are about to create history you just need to stay focus and keep going. ( Rayan ) What is suicide? Few seconds which are out of human control with no more r

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Category Type: Article,   Aug 25, 2018   Nathan Rayan

Humanity has crossed the limit where they deserve to be and where they stand. Day by day the social issues and crimes are increased by the double quick time each day. What if until and unless your family member your own daughter, your sister is not the victim of sex abuse we are not going to raise the voice. Human civilization and responsibility are buried underneath of graveyard.

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What is Internet Censorship? Explained.

Category Type: Article, Internet,   Aug 02, 2018   Deepak Rawal

Obviously, the evolution of internet is a sensation in today's world technology. It is not only the bank of information but also a platform to showcase the talent. Meanwhile, it is also the platform for the criminal activities. Many hackers indulge in breaking the governmental or private codes. That is why internet censorship was introduced.  Initially, activities on internet were moni

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Revitalising The People’s SAARC

Category Type: Article, Politics,   Jul 24, 2018   Kushal Pokharel

Conceived as an intergovernmental grouping of the South Asian nations to foster collective action among member states in the 1980s, SAARC currently stands at the critical juncture in its history. With the cancellation of the 19th SAARC summit which was to be held in Pakistan last year primarily owing to India’s apathy, the future of SAARC looks dismal unless a robust political initiative eme

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Say No To Smoking

Category Type: Article, Say No To Smoking,   Jul 24, 2018   Banu Aryal

We all know that smoking is injurious or bad for health. Yet, young men and women are found puffing a cigarette and throwing out smoke at the company in which they are. Smoking refers to the process of burning a substance and inhaling the resultant smoke. The major forms of smoking tobacco includes cigarettes, smoking pipes, cigars, etc. A cigarette is a thin roll of tobacco is roll

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Beat Plastic Pollution

Category Type: Article,   Jul 20, 2018   Manisha Karmacharya

Plastic is material consisting of any of a wide range of synthetic or semi-synthetic organic compounds that are malleable and so can be molded into solid objects. They are usually synthetic, most commonly derived from petrochemicals. In 1907 the invention of Bakelite brought about a revolution in materials by introducing truly synthetic plastic resins into world commerce. Pure plastics have low to

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Child Labour

Category Type: Child labor, Article,   Jun 26, 2018   Smriti Ranabhat

Every child is born with the luminous power to brighten the home. The entry of new member is the delivery of an extra package of happiness in the family. The day is really special, someone's lap full of happiness and someone's eyes full of dreams. The contradiction comes here that whether each child blossom like a flower or omits also. The distinction is created by the thread of economy. W

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Beat Plastic Pollution

Category Type: Article,   Jun 25, 2018   Luna Khatiwada

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बाल श्रम

Category Type: Child labor, Article,   Jun 24, 2018   Manda Paudel

सामान्यतया बालबालिकाको उमेर नपुगिकन वा सानै उमेरदेखि बालबालिकाको शारीरिक,मानसिक,संवेगात्मक तथा विभिन्न अधिकारको हनन् गर्दै व्यक्तिगत तथा सामाजिक प

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Slaughtering of animals is hellish crime !

Category Type: Article,   Jun 15, 2018   Nathan Rayan

After the revolution of hominal kingdom we are used to of trashing the animals and we all so called sensational human creature is enjoying blood of animals from over a period . It sounds freak out, isn't it? What defines Human being ? First things comes in my mind is Human have a imagination power and they can imitate excellently but reality hits different they are the most cruel crea

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Category Type: Article,   Jun 11, 2018   Nathan Rayan

The day I know female Process of normal vaginal bleeds called Menstruations , many of Rayan were wondering to know the fairy tale .  Various sources explain & sounds same that, this is an Natural process that occurs as parts of a women monthly cycle . "This is not a tabbo , this is not a secret and this is neither a hidden story that you could rate pathetic . "nevertheless th

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Music: In terms of Business and Art

Category Type: Education, , Motivation, Article,   May 18, 2018   Rizol Pokhrel

     An aspiring musician will always have one particular question in their mind,  "How to make money from Music?"  and it bugs them every now and then. It comes to a point where an artist drifts away from their artistic approach in order to gain mainstream recognition and head towards commercialization. Sad but true, mainstream music is mostly foc

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Let's Talk About Woman Empowerment

Category Type: Education, , Diary, Women empowerment, Article,   May 02, 2018   arun khatri

Women are considered as a most powerful beings in nature. According to different religion they have given different description about women. Women were valued  most for their roles as wives and most of all mothers, as a bearers  and rearers of children. In past, they were slightly limited only upto daily household works but between 21st century  women had been most challenging and s

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शिक्षा प्रवाहको वैकल्पिक बाटो - “किफायती लगानी, प्रभावकारी शिक्षा”

Category Type: Education, , Dream, Article, Student, Politics,   Apr 17, 2018   Gopal khadka

शिक्षा परिवर्तनको वाहक हो । शैक्षिक विधि र पद्दति, समय सन्दर्भ र समाज परिवर्तन अनुसार गतिशील बनाउनु आजको मूल मुद्दा हो। पुरातन सोच र शैलीको विकल्प म

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Women empowerment

Category Type: Women empowerment, Article,   Jan 29, 2018   Ambika Dhungana

Nepal is a small, beautiful and patriarchal country. For years, Nepal has been dominated by male in all major roles in the society. On the other hand, women have been treated as a factory of producingchildren and limited them only into household chore. Actually, they have very low freedom in the society and education status. In Nepal,female have no access to education because of conservative socia

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Spa and It's beauty in Nepal

Category Type: Article, Health,   Dec 17, 2017   Ultrabyte International

Spa is an actual location for the people who are in need of medicinal bath by experts is with mineral rich spring water and seawater. Mostly spa offers with various health treatments which are also known as balneotherapy. It is also believe of curative powers of mineral water which goes back to prehistoric times. These practices is popular all around the world. Day spa are also popular which offer

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