धुम्रपान नगरौ 

Category Type: Education, Say No To Smoking,   Jun 15, 2018   Ashish Khaniya

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Music: In terms of Business and Art

Category Type: Education, , Motivation, Article,   May 18, 2018   Rizol Pokhrel

     An aspiring musician will always have one particular question in their mind,  "How to make money from Music?"  and it bugs them every now and then. It comes to a point where an artist drifts away from their artistic approach in order to gain mainstream recognition and head towards commercialization. Sad but true, mainstream music is mostly foc

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Let's Talk About Woman Empowerment

Category Type: Education, , Diary, Women empowerment, Article,   May 02, 2018   arun khatri

Women are considered as a most powerful beings in nature. According to different religion they have given different description about women. Women were valued  most for their roles as wives and most of all mothers, as a bearers  and rearers of children. In past, they were slightly limited only upto daily household works but between 21st century  women had been most challenging and s

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Is discussing Sex a Taboo?

Category Type: Sex, , Education, Diary, beauty and brain,   Apr 30, 2018   Mandip Adhikari

Growing up in a Nepalese society, being told to not talk about sex without anyone. Constantly getting belittled for cracking a bit of an adult jokes and condoms getting tagged as a disgusting product rather than a savior of various STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) is something everyone is used to. Maybe because that we live in a conservative society where sex-before marriage is a sin? Or pe

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शिक्षा प्रवाहको वैकल्पिक बाटो - “किफायती लगानी, प्रभावकारी शिक्षा”

Category Type: Education, , Dream, Article, Student, Politics,   Apr 17, 2018   Gopal khadka

शिक्षा परिवर्तनको वाहक हो । शैक्षिक विधि र पद्दति, समय सन्दर्भ र समाज परिवर्तन अनुसार गतिशील बनाउनु आजको मूल मुद्दा हो। पुरातन सोच र शैलीको विकल्प म

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